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Flo Rida – ‘Good Feeling’, new single (audio)

Flo Rida returns with a new single, ‘Good Feeling’, available in all online retail networks starting next week.
The single, produced by Dr. Luke, comes after the resounding success of ‘Club Can not Handle Me’ (feat. David Guetta), ‘Who Dat Girl’ (feat. Akon) and’ Turn Around (5.4, 3,2,1) ‘.
Also this summer, the native of Miami created with David Guetta’s contagious rhymes the hit ‘Where Them Girls At’ (ft Nicki Minaj).
Moreover, Flo Rida appeared with a live show on NBC on the 2nd of September, in the ‘America’s Got Talent’, where he sang his song of resistance.
Flo-Rida is one of the most famous international artists, with tours on nearly every continent. The Miami rapper entered the music world in 2007, with the hit ‘Low’ (feat...

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Rihanna and Nicki Minaj to Preview Video at VMAs Pre-Show

Selena Gomez will be hosting this year’s VMA pre-show. During which, Nicki Minaj will show the world a special preview of the music video for “Fly”, her collaboration with Rihanna. In January, we got to see a teaser picture of the video shoot via the Barbadian R&B singer’s Twitter but it was the rapper’s “Super Bass” visual that ended up being dropped first. Now, it seems that “Fly” is coming right up. I’m sure the first look into the video will only add to the big night that Nicki will have as she’s nominated for three VMAs including Best Rap Video.

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Eminem Named King of Hip Hop

Following their crowning of Lady Gaga as the Queen of Pop, Rolling Stone magazine has now named Eminem as the King of Hip Hop. A lot of fans have taken to their Twitter accounts to express both their agreement and disappointment since. Based on numbers and a bunch of categories in which those numbers are calculated (sales, Grammys, followers, Billboard presence, airtime play, etc), the facts are the facts. Rolling Stone even has all of the charts and math drawn out, category by category, for anyone who refuses to believe it. Coming in second place to Eminem was Lil Wayne. Drake, Kanye West and Jay-Z rounded out the top 5. Interestingly enough, Nicki Minaj, the only woman on the Kings list, placed number 6. Congratulations to Eminem!

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Nicki Minaj Gives Drake a Lap Dance

Nicki Minaj once referred to Drake as “my brother, my husband, my friend” and their close relationship can often be witnessed whenever they’re seen together. That was very much on display during the Femme Fatale tour stop in Toronto when the female rapper brought out the Canadian hip hop artist to perform an energetic rendition of their collaboration “Moment 4 Life”. Just a few minutes later, Nicki got frisky and did a Britney Spears when she gave Drake a lap dance to remember. How about we forget the whole “brother” part of their relationship and just have them couple up?
Nicki Minaj and Drake – Moment 4 Life – Performance Video YouTube Preview Image
Nicki Minaj and Drake – Lap Dance – Video YouTube Preview Image

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Surprise Nicki Minaj and Kanye West Performance

Nicki Minaj has been rocking out all stops on the Femme Fatale tour but she did even more so during the Tuesday stop in New York. The 28-year old female rapper surprised the crowd by bringing out her pal Kanye West for a performance of their song “Monster” during the concert. After the show, Nicki took to her Twitter saying “New York!!!! Feels good to get this love @ home! U guys have NO idea how honored I am. Thanks to @kanyewest 4 cmng out & shutting it DOWN!” I am jealous of everyone who got to see this go down live.
Nicki Minaj and Kanye West – Monster – Performance Video
YouTube Preview Image

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Details on Murder of Nicki Minaj’s Cousin

Nicki Minaj’s cousin, Nicholas Telemaque, was murdered early Monday morning in Brooklyn, New York after he left the C-PAC nightclub with his friends. According to his cousin Carol Clarke, he may have been shot because of mistaken identity. She said “He was shot in the chest as he walked towards his car close to his home. Nicki is absolutely devastated as are all our family – she was very close to her cousin but now he has gone. She has reached-out to Nicholas’ mom Victoria to offer her words of comfort but she is too distraught. Nicholas was a quiet person but he could be the life and soul of the party too – he did not run with gangs or anything like that...

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New Song from Mary J Blige – Feel Inside

Mary J Blige has selected the Nicki Minaj-assisted “Feel Inside” as the official lead single from her tenth studio album “My Life II, The Journey Continues”, which is set to be released later this year. The track, which was produced by Jerry Wonda who has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Justin Beiber, is a powerful R&B song with deep lyrics. Mary kills it with her vocals and Nicki’s raps are just mad. “Feel Inside” is a really cool single for the R&B singer but I don’t think this is at the same level of her previous first singles.
Mary J Blige featuring Nicki Minaj – Feel Inside – New Song
YouTube Preview Image

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Lady Gaga Performs on French X Factor

Jennifer Lopez wasn’t the only diva to take the stage on the French X Factor last night as princess of pop Lady Gaga also had a turn. The “Born This Way” singer treated the audience with an excellent performance of her single “Edge of Glory” and “Judas”. The always flamboyant entertainer surprised everyone by performing in her underwear and also debuted her brand new long green hair. I wonder how long she plans to keep it or if she’s going to change it every now and then like Nicki Minaj. Interesting thought, no? First Lady Gaga comes out with blue hair like Katy Perry and now this.
Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory/Judas – Performance Video
YouTube Preview Image

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Nicki Minaj will have to behave on tour

Maybe this is the reason why Enrique Iglesias decided to back-out after all. It seems that given Britney Spears’ unpleasant history during her upcoming summer tour there will be a ban on alcohol and drugs to all those involved in the tour… including her touring partner, Nicki Minaj. Of this imposition, Nicki Minaj had this to say: “I think it’s a great thing. It’s definitely not a negative thing. It’s not going to affect me in anyway. If that’s the way Britney wants it, so be it. She’s the queen of her castle. It trickles down and makes everyone responsible. We start on June 17 and I’m sure it’s going to be a whirlwind. I’m sure it’s going to change the way I view touring. Every tour I do is different and I get new energy.” It’s good to see she is so open-minded about it...

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Cee-Lo Green Billboard Awards Performance

Cee-Lo Green took the stage to perform at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, which was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas this past Sunday. The 36-year old hip hop singer performed a medley of his hit songs including “Crazy”, “Bright Lights Big City” and “Forget You”. During his performance, Cee-Lo’s piano and chair flew through the air doing flips and turns, including a 360 degree turn. I was in awe the whole time. I’m pretty sure I looked stupid with my jaw hanging. Plus, I’m a big fan of his music so seeing him perform is always a great thing for me.
Cee-Lo Green – Medley – Billboard Awards Performance Video
YouTube Preview Image

2011 Billboard Music Awards Winners Full List

Top Artist:
Justin Bieber
Lady Gaga
WINNER: Taylor Swift


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