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TLC Performs on American Idol

The next performance was perhaps the biggest disappointment of last night’s American Idol finale, at least for me. First of all, I don’t find any reason as to why Lil Jon had to start off the performance. Secondly because it was the now two-member TLC that took the stage, with Left Eye having passed away years ago. But what was most disappointing was the fact that it was obvious that T-Boz and Chili were lip synching through their performance of “No Scrubs” and “Waterfalls”. They looked amazing though and the female contestants all seemed thrilled to share the stage with the iconic R&B group.
American Idol Winner Performances Video

American Idol Top 13 – Born This Way – Performance Video
YouTube Preview Image
James Durbin and Judas Priest – Breaking the Law – Performance Video
YouTube Preview Image
Jacob Lusk, ...

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Taio Cruz Performs on American Idol

Taio Cruz debuted his new single in collaboration with Coca-Cola called “Positive” on the final performance episode of American Idol last night. Apparently, fans had something to do with the lyrics. I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, the song is alright but I don’t appreciate the massive amounts of auto tune. The British singer’s song is apparently this season’s coronation song. In other related news, Taio will release his new album “Black & Leather” later this year. Here’s to hoping that the rest of his music on the album is better than “Positive”. I like it but I’m not that big on it.
Taio Cruz – Positive – American Idol Performance Video
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American Idol 2011 Top 2 Finale Performance Videos:
Scotty McCreery – Gone – American Idol 2011 Top 2 Finale Performance
YouTube Preview Image

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Two Judges Confirmed for American Idol 11

With FOX ready to go with the schedule of American Idol in 2012, I’m sure all of you are wondering if the judges’ table will remain as it is. Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson have reportedly both signed multi-year contracts ahead of this year’s season so that should guarantee that they’ll be back. However, Jennifer Lopez didn’t sign a multi-year contract and instead went with a single season that had the option for renewal. In a recent interview, JLo has revealed that she hasn’t made her mind up yet, saying “I don’t know if I will do another season [of American Idol]. I’m taking it day by day at the moment and we’ll see what happens.”
American Idol 2011 Top 3 Performances Video:
Lauren Alaina – Wild One – American Idol 2011 Top 3
YouTube Preview Image
Lauren Alaina – If I Die Young – Ame...

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James Durbin pulls it off in both rounds

The American Idol contestant seems t o have absolutely no problem with this contest. On last night’s episode of American Idol James Durbin proved that he has all it takes to be a real superstar. For round one he chose Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” and he really sold the song and got great input from the judges as to how he handled the difficulty of the song. As for the second round, he managed to nail it too with The Clovers’ “Love Potion no. 9”. Through these performances James Durbin proved that he really is front man material and apparently this went a long way to impressing the judges. If it does the same to the viewers at home, James Durbin might just prove to be the next American Idol.

For the first round, James Durbin sang “Don’t Stop Believin’”; Haley Reinhart to...

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The Voice Judges Cover Gnarls Barkley – Crazy

NBC’s new talent show “The Voice”, which will try to rival with TV titan “American Idol”, will premiere next Tuesday. For this purpose, the network has recently released a promotional performance video where the four judges, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton, perform the Gnarls Barkley hit “Crazy”. It’s amazing! Christina’s voice still gives me goosebumps. Adam did his thing on the drums. Blake was not in his zone though. And then Cee-Lo – well it’s his song so he obviously did amazing on it. Make sure to check out the show next week. It has a different format so it could be interesting.
The Voice Judges – Crazy – Promotional Video
YouTube Preview Image

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Cee Lo Green trusts The Voice

It looks like the singer is pretty confident about the new “talent show” called “The Voice” for which he will be a judge. So much so that Cee Lo Green actually admitted that he turned down Simon Cowell’s offer to be a judge on the US X Factor. He even started talking about American Idol afterwards and this is what Cee Lo Green had to say about the show: “I knew the name and I knew the parties involved, but as an enterprise, I didn’t know what made it distinctive enough. Quite honestly, I felt like ‘American Idol’ and these other entities had run their course.” Well, he wasn’t going to say that The Voice was a hopeless show now was he? Still, Cee Lo Green could’ve been a bit of a better sport about the whole thing...

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Jacob Lusk took the night away

The American Idol contestant was unquestionably the best performance of Motown Records night… but then again, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise since these are the kinds of songs that Jacob Lusk seems to be very into performing. For his song Jacob Lusk chose Marvin Gaye’s “You’re All I Need to Get By” and he did a fantastic job with it. And the judges and the audience were perfectly in agreement on that fact and Randy Jackson actually said that there was nothing wrong with Jacob Lusk’s performance. So it looks like he’s going to be one of the big contenders in the American Idol contest.

Here are the performances. Casey Abrams sang “I Heard it through the Grapevine”. Thia Megia performed “Heat Wave”. Jacob Lusk sang “You’re All I Need to Get By”...

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Diddy is going to coach on American Idol

Apart from getting to perform his new single, “Coming Home”, together with his group Diddy – Dirty Money next month, the rapper will supposedly be getting the chance to coach the contestants of American Idol. This is what Diddy had to say about his role on the show: “I’m helping the contestants with their styles. I’m helping to dress them with Sean John. I’m bringing a celebrity stylist to help us this week. We’re going try to get them to have that superstar shine and swagger that I try to exude on a daily basis. I’m going to hit ‘em with some musical tips, some inspiration, some motivation, and then I’m gonna show ‘em how to do it. I’m going to hit that stage after I show ‘em how to have that swagger.” And so the brainwashing begins: first phase, the attire...

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Fantasia Barrino’s Rep Talk OD and Affair

Following reports that American Idol alum Fantasia Barrino attempted to commit suicide, her manager confirmed the news with an official statement. Her rep explained that due to feeling overwhelmed by a lawsuit and the media scrutiny, the singer had an overdose on a combination of aspirin and a sleep aid. The statement also confirmed that Fantasia did have a relationship with a married man, though she says that he told her that he was separated. Her rep goes on to say how Fantasia is doing, saying “Her injuries are not life threatening. She was dehydrated and exhausted at the time. Fantasia is stable now. She will be released from the hospital soon. Fantasia is a fighter and a survivor. This is not the hardest thing Fantasia has endured...

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P Diddy would love American Idol job


Rapper P Diddy has revealed that he would love to replace Simon Cowell as a judge on American Idol.

Bosses on the US talent show have not yet announced who will be taking over from the music mogul as the fourth judge on the show, when it returns for another season.

But now Diddy has declared that he would be interested in the job.

He told TV host George Lopez on US show Lopez Tonight: “At first, when people were asking me if I was interested in the job I was like no… that’s not my style.

“But once I heard what Simon makes… [I] would love the job. I’ve got six kids.

“If I would get the same cheque Simon gets… we would have a ball.”

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