TI Prison Drama

In case you’ve been living under a rock, TI was recently released early from prison and transported to a halfway house. But in a matter of days, the rapper was sent back into the pokey for allegedly misleading officers about the method of transportation he chose for travelling. However, photos have recently surfaced showing TI being walked to the bus by a prison guard, making those reports utter crap. Then there were reports that he was sent back because there were VH1 producers for his reality TV show in the bus when he wasn’t supposed to conduct business while in transit. Those people reportedly tried to testify otherwise but they kept being ignored. TI’s lawyers are now saying that they believe that prison officials were out to get the rapper, especially with the officials changing their story around. It’s really starting to look like that. If they were planning to send him back in anyway, why release him early in the first place?

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