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Pepper Spray Halts Lil Wayne Party

A party crasher brought Lil Wayne’s soiree to an abrupt end when he unleashed a can of harmful pepper spray into the ventilation system. The guy apparently made his way past security at a Montreal club and hurried to a back room where he had access to the air ducts. The unleashed pepper spray then went through the air of the club and affected all of the attendees. Fortunately, everyone including the rapper was evacuated from the premises immediately and no one was harmed. A rep for Lil Wayne says that the rapper is “okay and gearing for his next stop in Toronto.” Whatever the party crasher’s plan was accomplished nothing.

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New Song from The Weeknd – The Zone

The Weeknd has a new song out called “The Zone”. The track, which features Canadian rapper/singer Drake, comes off of the R&B singer’s latest mix tape called “Thursday”. If you’re unaware, The Weeknd is the stage name of Toronto-based artist Abel Tesfaye. Drake has always been a big supporter of The Weeknd ever since hearing his music, even before coming into the scene in March 2011. It’s actually publicity created by Drake via Twitter that pushed The Weeknd’s initial popularity. As for the song, it has a chilling vibe that’s heightened more with The Weeknd’s vocals. The verse by Drake was a nice addition to the song. I like it but I understand that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
The Weeknd featuring Drake – The Zone – New Song YouTube Preview Image

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Eminem Named King of Hip Hop

Following their crowning of Lady Gaga as the Queen of Pop, Rolling Stone magazine has now named Eminem as the King of Hip Hop. A lot of fans have taken to their Twitter accounts to express both their agreement and disappointment since. Based on numbers and a bunch of categories in which those numbers are calculated (sales, Grammys, followers, Billboard presence, airtime play, etc), the facts are the facts. Rolling Stone even has all of the charts and math drawn out, category by category, for anyone who refuses to believe it. Coming in second place to Eminem was Lil Wayne. Drake, Kanye West and Jay-Z rounded out the top 5. Interestingly enough, Nicki Minaj, the only woman on the Kings list, placed number 6. Congratulations to Eminem!

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