Daily Archives July 21, 2011

Ja Rule Getting More Jail Time

Back in March, Ja Rule was given a June 8 start date for his two-year prison term for a New York gun charge and he plead guilty to tax evasion in New Jersey for unpaid taxes on over $3 million of income. The last we saw of the rapper was when he spent his last day on the outside world with his family before turning himself in to start serving his sentence. A little over a month into his prison term, Ja Rule will be sentenced for his tax evasion case in Newark, which could add more onto his current prison term. Good luck dude.

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Lil Boosie May Get More Jail Time

Lil Boosie is already in prison but even then he still can’t stay out of trouble. The rapper may have to stay in jail for a while longer after he was “busted attempting to smuggle drugs into his prison cell” – for the second time in two months. His legal woes have gotten worse after he was indicted for conspiring to get hold of codeine syrup at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola. Lil Boosie has been charged with one count of criminal conspiracy to take contraband to and from a penal institution, and another of inciting a felony. He is also due to stand trial next month after pleading not guilty to a first-degree murder charge related to a 2009 shooting in Louisiana. He’s locked up right now due to gun and drug charges on a 4-year sentence...

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