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Lauryn Hill is currently on her sixth child

It seems the singer is a pretty busy person when it comes to reproducing the species. Taking the advantage of what was undoubtedly a big crowd at her Detroit show this week-end, Lauryn Hill announced that she was pregnant with her sixth child. This is what the singer said during the show: ”I’m going to be taking time off to give birth.” Well, a bit blunt and probably not exactly what Lauryn Hill’s fans might want to hear from their favorite musician, but still, they will most likely be happy for her nonetheless. One must wonder however where she finds the time to raise all of these children after they are born.

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Snoop Dogg wants Jay-Z on his show

As it may already be well known, the rapper has recently pitched an idea for his own talent show for television and he seems to have quite a reasonable amount of faith in his project since he’s already looking for judges. Once source even revealed who Snoop Dogg is considering as his first candidate: ”He wants to bring in an old-school legend, and he wants to get Jay-Z.” So, first on Snoop Dogg’s list is Jay-Z, but who is this old school legend that he wants to bring on the show? Is Snoop Dogg going to find a very talented necromancer and resurrect 2Pac? One can only dare to hope.

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Nicole Scherzinger Performs on Britain’s Got Talent

Nicole Scherzinger showed off her graceful and sexy side when she performed her new single “Right There” on Britain’s Got Talent this past weekend. It wasn’t her best performance but I have to give the pop singer some props. That song is not at all easy to sing when you’re moving like that across the entire stage throughout the whole performance. The Jim Jonsin-produced track was officially released in the UK yesterday so that any and all British fans of Nicole can now grab the single. “Poison” and “Don’t Hold Your Breath” set the bar of success high for Nicole in the UK but I’m sure the summery appeal of “Right There” will get into the Top 5 as well.
Nicole Scherzinger – Right There – Britain’s Got Talent Performance Video
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Jessie J – Mama Knows Best – Brit...

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