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James Durbin pulls it off in both rounds

The American Idol contestant seems t o have absolutely no problem with this contest. On last night’s episode of American Idol James Durbin proved that he has all it takes to be a real superstar. For round one he chose Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” and he really sold the song and got great input from the judges as to how he handled the difficulty of the song. As for the second round, he managed to nail it too with The Clovers’ “Love Potion no. 9”. Through these performances James Durbin proved that he really is front man material and apparently this went a long way to impressing the judges. If it does the same to the viewers at home, James Durbin might just prove to be the next American Idol.

For the first round, James Durbin sang “Don’t Stop Believin’”; Haley Reinhart to...

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Where in the World is Lil Wayne?

When Jennifer Lopez premiered her latest music video “I’m Into You” last week, I was left wondering where Lil Wayne was considering that he was a featured rapper on the song. It turns out that while JLo was frolicking the beaches of Mexico, Lil Wayne was at home, sitting on his couch. The rap artist couldn’t be part of the video due to the conditions of his probation prohibiting him to travel out of the country, even for work. However, there’s a new video out featuring Lil Wayne, all thanks to a generous product placement fee offered up by Koma. You can see JLo holding it at the top of the original video.
Jennifer Lopez featuring Lil Wayne – I’m Into You – New Music Video
YouTube Preview Image

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