Daily Archives April 27, 2011

Busta Rhymes to Collaborate with Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd is currently hard at work on her debut album and according to sources close to the production, the X Factor contestant will be featuring none other than veteran rapper Busta Rhymes on one of its tracks. A label spokesperson has more or less confirmed the news, saying “We are exploring exciting collaborations.” It certainly seems that way. Here’s to hoping that the song will be a smash for them. Cher needs to come out with an exciting track to keep the fans’ attention on her. I can’t wait to hear the music she comes up with? Release something already!

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Dr. Dre Making Speakers

Instead of giving perhaps the most anticipated hip hop album ever, “Detox”, a release date, Dr. Dre is spending his time on promoting his new Beats by Dre speaker collection. The collection is already famous for selling headphones and computer sound packages, but now, the rapper has decided to expand to the car market, specifically Chrysler. While unveiling the new Chrysler 300 Sedan at the New York Auto Show last week, the car makers also unveiled its new speaker system, designed by Dr. Dre. He will also be seen in the cars new commercial to promote the brand. Seriously, can we get back to the music?

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