Daily Archives April 11, 2011

Gucci Mane Arrested Again

Back in November, Gucci Mane got into some serious trouble for a violent altercation with another person at a traffic stop light and then was pepper-sprayed by cops for resisting arrest. In January, the rapper was sent back to prison for a violation of probation. Now, police in DeKalb, Georgia say that Gucci has been arrested yet again while visiting his probation officer. Isn’t that supposedly the time for him to be on his best behavior? The rapper was charged with misdemeanor battery after he “intentionally caused visible bodily harm to a female by pushing her out of a moving vehicle.” Is he trying to rival DMX with all the arrests?

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Liam Gallagher is in touch with his spiritual side

It seems that after the decease of Oasis, its former front man, Liam Gallagher, has become sort of a spiritual man… or at least so he believes. This is what Liam Gallagher had to say about his newfound spiritual life: “I’m a spiritual kinda guy. I’m not wearing a sheet and walking down the street banging a tambourine. And I’m not turning into fucking Bono. It’s private. But I’m connected, man. To something. In my pram I was a rock star. But I’m older now. I don’t wanna grow up like a dick. I don’t want to get to 40 and embarrass my kids” Embarrassing the kids? Many kids would probably kill for the opportunity to say that their dad was the lead singer of Oasis. Liam Gallagher might not have a full grasp upon what embarrassment really is.

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Usher’s new girlfriend is running his show

This is literally what is happening… but it has a nice substrate to it as well. It seems that Usher’s new girlfriend, Grace Miguel, has taken charge of the singer’s entire performing operation and is firing everyone of his old people and replacing them with her own. Even Usher’s old friend and agent, Mark Cheatham, didn’t make the cut. And while all of this is happening Usher is just sitting quietly in his corner and not saying a word… not even making believe as if it was his own idea to begin with at least. It looks like she has him pretty numbed out.

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