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New Song from Kelly Rowland – I’m That Chick

Kelly Rowland is bringing some heat with a new track called “I’m That Chick”. The R&B singer goes full urban on this Tricky Stewart-produced track but I’m not sure if all that auto tune was really needed. In any case, I would for this song to be Kelly’s new single in the US. It’s pretty obvious that the dance songs she does fits better for the international markets while her R&B and urban efforts go in line with her US fan base. I like the new tune. The lyrics are quite something but the energy is hot. Keep a look out for this as the song is set to be part of Kelly’s upcoming third album.
Kelly Rowland – I’m That Chick – New Song
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Nicki Minaj is being considered for a judging post on X Factor

As the mighty lord and master Simon Cowell himself said, the US X Factor needs American judges. To that extent it seems the Earl of Exigency has been increasing his list of potential judges and Nicki Minaj has just ended up being one of them. This is what a source had to say about the fact that Nicki Minaj is being considered for a judging position on the US X Factor: “Simon thinks Nicki is fantastic. She’s sassy, she looks great and she has bags of personality. Nicki has a large following and she fits well with the ethos of the show, which plans to usher in a new generation of musical talent. ‘X Factor’ is aiming for a younger audience...

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