Daily Archives March 9, 2011

Geroge Michael’s appetite has gone down

Actually this is a rather good thing as far as George Michael is concerned since it is a clear sign that he’s off of the substance dependence and has also lost a reasonable amount of weight. This is what George Michael related on the matter: “I’m having counseling about my ongoing drug abuse. Hopefully the period where I was a bit lost is over for good. I hope it’s self evident just in the fact I’ve lost about 15lbs, I hope it’s self-evident I’m not eating as much any more, which should tell you a lot. None of my trousers fit anymore, for the right reasons this time. I’ve dropped about 14 or 15lbs without really trying.” Indeed it does seem like George Michael has rid himself of whatever pot addiction he may have had and thus has banished the munchies demon from his mind.

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