Daily Archives January 7, 2011

Oasis Brothers at War Again

It’s no secret that the brothers who once made up the band Oasis have bad blood between them. However, Liam Gallagher is throwing down the gauntlet against his brother Noel, accusing him of stealing music from him for his solo album. The rock star confessed to one source that he’s heard his brother’s solo venture and that it sounds familiar as he insists that many of the tracks were actually his songs. Liam explained “I’ve heard his new record ‘cos I f****** sung on half of it. When I was in America for Dig Out Your Soul he swiped some off it because he obviously knew he wanted to do a solo album. So he can talk all the bullsh*t about, ‘Oh, I was intimidated,’ and all that. F***ing nonsense. Behave. He knows. The people know. And I know...

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TI’s Wife in the Clear

TI’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, just scored a major victory as the drug possession case against her has been dismissed. The LA County District Attorney’s office says that the case was dropped because Tiny completed 24 sessions of a certified drug diversion program in Georgia. The case stemmed from the arrest of the rapper and his wife after getting pulled over on Sunset Boulevard back in September. They were booked for possession of a controlled substance. The DA previously dropped the case against TI since the rapper was already headed back to prison since the arrest was enough to violate his federal probation.

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