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Lauryn Hill Makes Fans Wait

At a concert in Williamsburg, New York last week, Lauryn Hill made fans wait for three hours at a gig before finally gracing the audience with her presence. Needless to say, fans and even members of her band were pretty mad about the delay. Her keyboard player tapes a sign on his kit that read “I was on time” while two fans in the front row held up signs saying “You just lost one” and “This is insulting”. The R&B singer responded to the fans’ disappointment saying that she was “worth the wait” and motioned for them to leave the club if they were going to continue with their hating. You may have been worth the wait in 1998 Lauryn, but not anymore.

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New Song from Akon – Drop Down

Akon will be dropping his new album “Stadium” later this 2011 but the project’s lead single “Angel” has already been released. So far, the track has managed to peak at the #56 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 without any promotional efforts, so it’s not doing bad at all. Now, a new track from the hip hop singer, which is rumored to appear on his album, has leaked. It’s called “Drop Down” and features rapper Ludacris. It’s a killer dance track with a crazy beat. I also think Ludacris was the perfect choice to feature on this song. However, I think the song lacks originality and fear that it’s actually copied.
Akon featuring Ludacris – Drop Down – New Song
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