Daily Archives November 15, 2010

Jay-Z supports Cher Lloyd

Regardless of the controversy surrounding the X Factor contestant and her relationship with her mentor, Cheryl Cole, it looks like she does manage to get the best of attention. Even Jay-Z has taken a shine to Cher Lloyd after she did a good job with two of his hits. This is what Jay-Z had to say about her: “I was very impressed with her version of Hard Knock Life. It should be a track on her debut album and I would happily add my lyrics to it. I could get myself, Kanye West, Beyoncé and Rihanna all working on her debut album and that would make it an automatic hit.” Actually, that sounds more like the business man Jay-Z talking rather than the artist… or is there no longer a difference between the two?

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Travie McCoy Does Taio Cruz Remix

Travie McCoy has jumped on the official remix of Taio Cruz’s future hit single ‘Higher’ for the upcoming US release. The R&B singer thought that Kylie Minogue was perfect for the UK release and now, he thinks that Travie is ideal for the US edit. This comes as a result of the disappointing chart performance of ‘Dirty Picture’ which only peaked at #96 on Billboard’s Hot 100 so a new single was highly needed. And I think he and his label made a great choice. However, I wish he just stuck with Kylie or had gone with another female vocal because I think Travie adds nothing to the song.
Taio Cruz & Travie McCoy – Higher – New Song

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