T.I. Caught with Sizzurp

Photos of TI and wife Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle getting arrested have been posted on TMZ and you can clearly see a couple of styrofoam cups in the front and back cup holders. It may not mean much now but just keep reading. While cops are yet to say which controlled substance they found in the car, there seems to be evidence of Sizzurp, aka purple drank or codeine syrup. There’s a form of codeine that falls under the class of drugs for which the rapper and the former singer were arrested for and it also happens to be the main ingredient in Sizzurp, which is a growing problem in the South. Sizzurp is typically ingested in styrofoam cups and is becoming a thing in the hip hop community. Things are definitely looking bad for TI and Tiny.

T.I. Pictures:

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