Daily Archives July 20, 2010

Taio Cruz invites only girls to parties

Taio Cruz can be seen riding a motor bike, and participating at a party where there are only girls, in his latest video “Dynamite”. “I used car races and boat racing until now. In this video I wanted to do things on a motor bike” declared Cruz for MTV. One of the vehicles brought for this video is a truck, used also in the movie “Universal Soldier”. “Dynamite” is available on the second album of Taio Cruz, “Rockstarr”.
Taio Cruz – Dynamite – song
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Ciara Pushes Album Back

Ciara’s new album ‘Basic Instinct’ has been pushed back to a later release of October 5. The R&B singer will address the decision on UStream and reveal the reasoning. If artists are pushing back records that were set to be released soon, you know it can’t be because of anything good. I wonder if her label didn’t like it and didn’t want to risk sending out a flop and wanted Ciara to go back into the studio and make better music. That could very well be the reason. Why couldn’t she have just come out with a written statement and put me out of my misery?

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