Daily Archives July 5, 2010

TI’s Liquor

Fragrances are for pansies and liquor is for rappers. Ludacris and Diddy have their own lines of alcohol and two new rappers that are getting into the mix. TI is apparently going to use his finely-tuned palette in conjunction with Remy Martin bosses to launch a TI signature blend cognac. If that’s not enough to fill your home bar, Dr. Dre is also set to release his own cognac and sparkling vodka too. Celebrity fragrances are a thing of the past. Rapper brand booze might just end up being the new trading cards soon. I’ll trade a Diddy for a Dr. Dre.

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Lil Wayne Avoids Second Jail Sentence

Lil Wayne got a lucky break as the rapper, who is currently serving jail time in New York for possession of a weapon, will not have to go behind bars for a second round in the state of Arizona for his 2008 drug bust. The judge must have taken pity on the legally troubled rapper and instead just sentenced Lil Wayne to three years probation. Here’s to hoping that he’s learned his lesson and will be staying away from weapons and drugs once he gets out. Otherwise, I’m going to start calling him the new DMX. It could get that bad.

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