Daily Archives June 24, 2010

Diddy was shocked by Jonah Hill

The rapper who stars alongside the actor in the movie “Get him to the Greek” apparently took Jonah Hill and a couple of his friends to Las Vegas to have a gathering of sorts. And Jonah Hill managed to shock Diddy with his partying given the opportunity. This is what the actor related on the matter: “The weekend before we started shooting he took me and my friends from high school and university plus him and his friends there to kind of party and hang out. It was pretty crazy let me tell you. I have to be honest, I think he was really shocked by me and my friends because usually I’m just this boring guy.” It’s such a pity that all that happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas, Diddy would’ve probably had some stories to tell…

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Michael Jackson Estate and AEG Agree to Pay for Memorial

AEG and the estate of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson have agreed to give $1.3 million to the city of Los Angeles to help cover the costs of last year’s memorial for the singer at the Staples Center. The cost of the event was around $3.2 million and was pretty controversial considering the state of the economy. I wonder what they plan on doing for the rest of the costs of that memorial. They didn’t even manage to agree on paying for half of it. It’s almost been a year since MJ’s death and this still isn’t settled.

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