Daily Archives May 21, 2010

Cher might be doing a new tour

It’s that time of the year again. Cher is currently working in Las Vegas on a steady schedule now, but she’s apparently thinking about doing a tour. Cher said this when asked about that possibility: “Oy… oy… please oy, oy, um… I keep hoping ‘Burlesque’ is a hit so I’ll have two new numbers to do. Well it’s kind of a yes. I guess it’s almost a yes, but it’s not quite a yes.” She doesn’t seem to sure of the prospect… steady work can do that to some people. After all, Cher has a good paying gig in the same city, why would she go to the trouble of traveling around the world again. It might be high time to act her age, after all.

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Suge Knight Arrested

Suge Knight was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon involving a firearm. The rap mogul was pulled over and taken into custody early Thursday morning. It’s being said that he was also taken into custody for driving on a suspended license. Suge’s bail was set at $65,000 which he has since posted. Cops said that he was arrested in connection to an alleged crime that occurred shortly before his arrest. A witness came forward saying Suge pointed a gun at another car while sitting in the driver’s seat of his own SUV. After cops received the info, officers located Suge’s car in the LA area and initiated a high risk stop.

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Wyclef Jean Takes Haitian Kids Shopping

Wyclef Jean took 3 young amputees from Haiti on shopping sprees of $1000 each after flying them to the US. As they arrived in New York, 17-year old teens Margarette Pierre and Chantal Mori each lost an arm, while 8-year old Farah Maurice had her leg amputated. On Tuesday, Wyclef took them to Kmart to pick out whatever they wanted. The musician said “When you come from a country where you make $1 a day, giving them $1,000 is like giving them $10,000. They need to know there are people like them and they’re normal. Today they’re not thinking, ‘I don’t have a leg.’ They’re just being kids and they’re happy.” The trip was sponsored by Wyclef’s charity Yele Haiti and the Global Medical Relief Fund...

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