Daily Archives May 17, 2010

New Diddy Video

Diddy has a new video out for his song ‘Hello, Good Morning’. The rapper teams up with Rick Ross and TI on the new track and the video also features a cameo from Swizz Beatz. Diddy spoke to MTV News last year regarding the music from his forthcoming album ‘Last Train to Paris’, saying “We’re just trying to roll it out properly. I wanted a chance to lay out songs for you. A lot of singles we putting out now — that’s the introduction. We didn’t even get to that Train music. We’re hitting you with warning shots, letting you know we’re here.”

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Mary J Blige is Nina Simone

Mary J. Blige has been tapped to play soul queen Nina Simone in the upcoming movie ‘Nina’. According to Billboard, the film will star the 39-year old R&B singer in a story focusing on Nina’s relationship with her assistant Clifton Henderson, who will be played by David Oyelowo. The movie will start to shoot this fall. This isn’t Mary’s first foray into acting. She most recently had a supporting role in Tyler Perry’s ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself’. I wonder how she will do in the biopic. I guess we’ll see when it gets released. There’s no word on when it will be out though.

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