Daily Archives March 10, 2010

Will.i.am’s formula for success

The singer from the Black Eyed Peas recently shared his views on success with all of us mere mortals. In will.i.am’s opinion, you can only be successful if you give to charity. This is what he said on the matter: “It’s one thing to make it – and you’ve got your own apartment, or house, or car – and you keep it for you. That’s not making it. Making it is spreading it.” Apparently will.i.am is a big fan of charity and thinks its important to share one’s wealth and success. Strange, no mention about all of those stolen songs for his band, but then again, if he can put a few kids through college just by stealing a bit of music, who’s to question will.i.am’s ways?

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Jermaine Jackson Wants Another Michael Jackson Tribute

Jermaine Jackson is planning another Michael Jackson tribute concert to be held in London marking the one year anniversary of the King of Pop’s death. The original tribute concert for the late singer was to take place in Vienna but it ended up being cancelled. Jermaine booked Wembley Arena for June 8 for a star-studded performance but performances have yet to be revealed. Jermaine said “The best way and most suitable way is to assemble the world’s largest tribute in history that is only fitting to a man who moved the hearts and souls of an unimaginable amount.” He should have given up back in Austria.

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Snoop Dogg Does Comedy

Rapper Snoop Dogg is teaming up with comedian Mike Epps in a comedy stage show called ‘Imagine That!’ portraying former nightclub performers in jail who are trying to break out. Mike said “This is an incredible opportunity to combine our similar, but different worlds of entertainment together on stage for the first time.” Snoop added “We’ve worked together in the past on some projects and knew that our audiences would love to see us bring Hip-Hop music and Hip-Hop comedy together on stage.” The tour begins on April 27 at Harrah’s Rincon Casino in San Diego. Will you watch it?

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