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Erykah Badu – Window Seat – Video Uncut

She is SO HOT!
Erykah Badu Window Seat Video Uncut

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Shakira is ready to start a family

It was after all inevitable that even Shakira would have to settle down some day. Apparently that day draws nearer and nearer as the singer herself admitted: “Do I have any plans for children? Little wolves? Yeah, of course. I’d really like to have kids, but first I need to go on tour and release this new album – and then we can sit down and talk about it.” Of course… work comes first and then the children. Shakira is doing a good job at prioritizing isn’t she? And she might actually have good reason to call her future offspring “little wolves” in this case.

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It seems that has been a real pillar of support for Cheryl Cole ever since she separated from Ashley Cole. Now the Black Eyed Peas singer is inviting the Girls Aloud vocalist to spend Easter with him and his family. This is what a source related on the matter: “He has asked Cheryl to fly out to Los Angeles for a secret date with him over Easter. He’s having a big family get-together and he wants her to be there.” Of course he does… Cheryl Cole is practically family for after all. The interesting part about this whole story is that this is supposed to be a “secret date”… so no keep it under the down-low.

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Flesh N Bone Arrested on Stage

Flesh N Bone, also known as Stanley Howse, got quite the surprise when he took the stage with his rap band Bone Thugs N Harmony at House of Blues in Cleveland this past Sunday. The concert came to a screeching halt as 50 police officers and Sheriff’s deputies arrested the rapper on stage. The charges against him are unknown but he apparently had outstanding warrants and spent the night in jail. I wonder what he got arrested for. No one was hurt during the incident but I don’t want to be in the middle of disappointed Bone Thugs N Harmony fans.

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TI Gets a Curfew

TI has finally been released back into society after the rapper finished serving his prison sentence from a halfway house but he’s not completely off the hook just yet. The rapper’s attorney, Steve Sadow, claims that TI will now be placed under 23 days of supervised release. Unfortunately for him, that includes an 11PM curfew. It sounds like he’s going to be watching a lot of late night TV then. TI is also required to complete 400 hours of community services during his three year probation. That absolutely sucks for him but that’s definitely better than staying in prison, right?

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New Video from Shontelle

There’s a new pop sensation on the rise and her name is Shontelle. The 24-year old singer/songwriter, who has a video out called ‘Impossible’, is signed to Universal Motown Records and SRP Records. That’s the same label known for discovering friend and fellow Barbadian Rihanna. Shontelle’s video was directed by TAJ, the protégé of Anthony Mandler, who has worked with Rihanna on a dozen of her videos. ‘Impossible’ is the lead single off of Shontelle’s upcoming album ‘No Gravity’ which will be out in stores this Spring. And just a little tidbit, the guy who plays her love interest in the video is Jordin Sparks’ beau, Steph Jones.

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Doctor failed to tell paramedics of Michael Jackson’s drug dose

Paramedics who rushed to the side of Michael Jackson on the day he died were not told he had been given the poweful drug Propofol, according to a US report.

Radar Online claims an Emergency Medical Service Report document just made public reveals Jackson’s physician Conrad Murray failed to inform paramedics he had given Jackson the anaesthetic. The paramedics rushed to the Hollywood house Jackson was leasing on June 25, last year, six minutes after a 911 call was placed on Jackson’s behalf by bodyguard Alberto Alvarez.

The paramedics rushed past the star’s children Prince Michael I, 13, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, seven, to a bedroom only to discover Murray giving Jackson CPR. Jackson reportedly lay on the floor with an IV line in his left leg...

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T.I.’s release conditions

The day has finally come, the day in which T.I. gets released from jail, but it seems that it’s not exactly everything that the rapper thought it would be. His attorney recently said that even though he is being released, T.I. is getting a 29-day probation period during which he will have an 11 PM curfew… plus 400 hours of community service in the next three years. Harsh conditions for getting out of prison… especially the fact that T.I. is going to have to be home by 11 PM every night for the next month. It’s probably going to be warm milk and then bed time for a good deal of days for T.I. now.

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Mary J Blige is a Diva

Mary J Blige pissed off organizers at Miami’s Jazz in the Gardens event last Saturday as the R&B singer took the stage an hour and a half late, which made the show go over its allotted time slot. A source said “Her handlers kept saying that she would ‘go onstage when she was ready’. But it was almost midnight when she got on, which took the entire festival into overtime. While she sat in her limousine, her personal guards came into the press tent to clear out the area like they were the Secret Service. They first demanded that all print and online journalists be kicked out because Mary didn’t want to take questions. They were acting like she was Michelle Obama or Queen Elizabeth...

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P Diddy starts vodka war in New York

Sean “P Diddy” Combs has sparked a vodka war in New York.

The rapper businessman has a half share in Ciroc, a French vodka label. A rival maker has taken umbrage over recent comments that compared all brands besides Ciroc to a liquid less than drinkable.

MJ Silver, a vodka tycoon and owner of Georgi Argent, called a media conference for Thursday in Times Square New York to rally support for his outrage over the comments.

Contact music reports a “vodka wars coalition” plans to go to Combs’s New York offices and demand an apology.

“They will be putting litres of Ciroc into a large toilet bowl and having it delivered to Diddy’s offices near Times Square,” the coalition said.

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