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Rihanna’s love objective

Despite having been seen with a number of dates recently and spawning ever a greater number of rumors about her status, Rihanna still maintains that she is currently single but that she does hope she will find true love at some point in her life. This is what Rihanna said on the matter: “I’m not dating anyone – I’m single. I’m hoping to find love before I’m 30, which is almost a decade away. Even when I was in a relationship, I always have gone alone.” Well, isn’t this an interesting new development? Matt Kemp’s bad reputations must have really bitten him in his more delicate parts. Oh well, the quest continues for Rihanna.

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Dr Arnold Klein files lawsuit against fellow Jacko doctor Steven Hoefflin

Michael Jackson’s former doctor has filed new legal papers in his battle with a fellow plastic surgeon.

Dr Arnold Klein (pictured) is suing Dr Steven Hoefflin for defamation over Hoefflin’s insinuation that Klein was responsible for the King Of Pop’s sudden death last June.

According to a report on TMZ.com Klein is “bewildered” over Hoefflin’s animosity towards him and his hinting that he was the source of the fatal dose of Propofol taken by Jackson.

Now in his latest legal papers, Klein claims: “It is not clear to me why Dr Hoefflin holds the malice for me that he manifested by stating publicly that I was instrumental in providing the medication that caused Michael Jackson’s death.”

Hoefflin – who along with Klein performed numerous procedures on Jackson – is trying to get Klein’s defama...

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