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Nelly Offers Reward

Rapper Nelly is offering a $10,000 reward for any information which would lead to the arrest of the man who broke into his St. Louis home earlier in December. The burglar broke in through a locked window on December 11th and made off witha bag full of goodies, including a bunch of electronics. Who knew that Nelly had anything worth stealing anymore? The rapper wasn’t home at the time of the burglary but someone he lives with did see the intruder – a male in his 20s or 30s, but they ended up escaping. Thankfully, nobody got harmed in the incident.

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Kanye West Gives Back

Kanye West helped out at the Los Angeles Mission last weekend by assisting the volunteers and serving lunch to the homeless. The rapper even wore an apron! Kanye, who was there with his girlfriend Amber Rose, said “It’s just important [to give back] when you’re very blessed. “[It's nice] to spread your blessings and take time out, especially during the holidays to appreciate people who never get that appreciation. It makes me feel really good to come out here, [with] my family, and I just thank y’all [the Los Angeles Mission] for allowing us to be a part of this.” Is he turning over a new leaf?

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Sean Combs funds free New Years Eve travel in the Big Apple


Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is helping revellers to safely ring in the New Year – by providing free travel in New York and Las Vegas, according to reports.

The wealthy rapper is handing out thousands of passes and vouchers redeemable for Tube and taxi rides in the Big Apple and Sin City, as part of his Safe Rides programme, which he launched in 2008.

He said: “New York stands as the world’s icon for a New Year’s Eve celebration and Las Vegas is the biggest party destination in the country.

“By bringing this programme to both of these great cities, we will continue to show the rest of the country that a sophisticated holiday celebration doesn’t end when the ball drops, but when everyone gets home safely.”

The vouchers will be distributed tomorrow.

Sean Combs funds free New Years Eve travel in the B...

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New Jay-Z Video

Check out the new music video from Jay-Z and Mr. Hudson for ‘Young Forever’. Mr. Hudson was recently asked what recording the song was like and the singer said “It was really fun to do. We did it in a couple of hours – it’s just this big beat and I’m singing, like, stupidly high. I probably couldn’t do it now with my throat as it is, it’s proper up there on the 50th floor. Kanye certainly has picked me up and said, ‘This guy deserves to be playing in arenas,’ so I thought I might as well make a sound that will belong in those spaces.”

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Rihanna Flirts with Kanye West

After Chris Brown, you would think that Rihanna would know to stay away from douche bags. However, according to a spy, the Barbadian singer was outrageously flirting with Kanye West at Whisky Mist in London last week. The source said “When Kanye came in, he immediately gave her a huge hug and kiss, and sat down with her. The pair was chatting at length, ignoring everyone else.” It could easily be waved off as a friendly gesture, but soon after, Rihanna was reportedly giving the rapper the benefit of a very private lap dance. In the name of Amber Rose, let this be not true!

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TI May Get Early Release

After beginning his 366-day sentence for pleading guilty to illegal firearms possession and possessing a gun as a convicted felon in May, rapper TI may end up getting an early release to a halfway house to finish his sentence as soon as January 2010. A spokesperson for the Bureau of Prisons explained “If his full-term release date is in March, it’s not uncommon for an individual to be released to a halfway house to serve out the last portion of their federal sentence. There are a number of factors that need to be considered: if the person is not a danger to the community, the current offense, the individual’s prior criminal history, the availability of programs and space availability...

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Kid Cudi Kicked Off Tour

If you have tickets to Lady Gaga’s The Monster Ball, you no longer have to worry about Kid Cudi’s fists flying at you as the rapper has suddenly been given the boot from the tour. Interscope Records confirmed that the rapper is no longer with the tour. However, they wouldn’t say if his removal was over the video that showed him punching a fan in the face while performing in Vancouver. I’m willing to bet that it’s the real reason for the boot. The fan that Kid Cudi hit said that he wouldn’t be pressing charges but I think being dropped from Lady Gaga’s tour is a lot worse than a lawsuit.

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No Valentines for Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is going to have to reschedule whatever Valentine’s Day plans that he may have because a judge has set the rapper up with a romantic stint behind bars. Lil Wayne has finally been given a start date to serve his one year jail sentence after pleading guilty to weapons charges and his 1st day will be on February 9th, a week after his new album drops. The rapper didn’t say one word during his brief appearance in Manhattan State court last week when the date was set. There’s still no word on where he will be serving his time.

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Diddy wants to be adopted

You would think that at his age and social status it wouldn’t be necessary, but Diddy seems to think so. Moreover, he doesn’t want to be adopted by just anybody, Diddy wants to be adopted by none other than Barrack Obama. This is what the rapper said on the matter: “I ain’t going to lie – if God said I could pick one person to be my father, I’d want to be Sean Combs Obama. That’s how dope he is. I hope he reads this interview and adopts me. I wouldn’t even have to be in the will. I got my own money!” Oh that will thing is just a big bluff! Diddy is clearly in this for the money… he has to be, otherwise how is he going to convince everyone he’s not a seriously imbalanced individual?

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Lil’ Wayne’s close customer services

Something very interesting has happened recently with regards to Lil’ Wayne’s upcoming album. It seems that the release of the album was set for December 15th but it was delayed until February. However, those fans of Lil’ Wayne who pre-ordered the album have apparently received it in the mail. Now that’s really classy customer service… but what gives? How come Lil’ Wayne’s distribution guys are pulling this kind of stunt. Someone might get it into their head to do something very absurd such as complain. After all, how dare they leave precious fans without anything to buy for Christmas… that’s just not right!

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