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Snoop Dogg wants to step into Oprah’s shoes

After the tragic development of Oprah giving up her lifelong profession of making the world a better place with her talk show, it seems Snoop Dogg wants to step in and take charge of this massive responsibility. Here’s what Snoop Dogg said on the matter: “I’m trying to proposition the networks right now. If you’re wanting a nice, black, exciting young male who wants to turn the TV world right up – get at me. I heard Oprah Winfrey is leaving and there’s nobody who can do what Oprah did but, ahem – hello! Hello!” A nice, black, exciting young male? It sounds more like Snoop Dogg’s auditioning for a strip show, rather than Oprah’s old show. What’s the world of rap coming to anyway?

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Beyonce has the best track of the decade

Well now, here’s a diva that doesn’t flaunt her ways in public so much as some others one might think of… and she seems to be more successful than those “others”. It seems Beyonce’s song “Crazy in Love” has just made the #1 position on NME Magazine’s “Song of the Decade” list. Boy, this decade must’ve sure been missing some really good music, but then again, the list is probably a reader’s choice so we can blame it all on them. Hopefully this won’t go to Beyonce’s head too much… there’s no need for another Mariah Carey running around ravaging the countryside.

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Chipmunk has a hectic life

The young British rapper who recently posted disturbing messages on his twitter page apparently resorted to such extreme measures because his life was too hectic. Chipmunk related the following about the matter: “I just needed to take some time out to rest and get my head together. I try and take everything in my stride. It’s been a successful year for me. But I still haven’t had the chance to let anything sink in yet, I haven’t had a chance to think about it all. I’m just too busy. And I get followed everywhere too, it’s crazy. It’s a bit boring right now, it’s my birthday and I’m not even going to do anything.” Ok, so first it’s tragically unbearable, and now it’s boring? Chipmunk should really make up his mind… and if he needs a vacation, why not just ask for it...

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Alice in Chains rocks Yahoo with special acoustic performance

Alice in Chains are currently being featured on Yahoo Music’s Maximum Performance! The band stopped by the Yahoo studios to perform an acoustic set featuring songs off the new record Black Gives Way To Blue. The band rocked through amazing acoustic renditions of their new hit single “Check My Brain”, “Black Gives Way To Blue”, and “Your Decision”. The band also sat down with Yahoo for an exclusive video interview, where the band talks about life after Layne, and their amazing re-birth with new singer William DuVall.

“Check My Brain” Yahoo video embed:

“Black Gives Way To Blue” Yahoo video embed:

“Your Decision” Yahoo video embed:

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