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Beyonce thinks young women under too much pressure to lose weight


Singer Beyonce thinks young women are put under too much pressure to lose weight and not all men like skinny girls.

The wife of rapper Jay-Z believes that losing weight is hard.

When asked about how she lost weight for her tour, the Crazy In Love singer said: “Oh, it’s hard! When I was a teenager it was always hard for me to lose weight before the summer so I could look hot in my bathing suit. I’d always tell my mum it was her fault, as she made incredible fried chicken and other fried foods. So I basically worked out and ate lots of salads. It’s a matter of motivation.”

Beyonce, 28, added: “The only thing that really motivates me to lose weight is when I have to get ready for a film or go on tour. But I’m not obsessive about my weight...

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Honor Society Debut At #18 On Billboard Top 200

Pop-rockers Honor Society debuted at #18 on the Billboard Top 200 this week, moving over 22,000 units of their debut album, Fashionably Late. The band kicked off their second headlining tour on Monday, September 21 in Minneapolis, MN and will continue a run of nearly 40 dates with shows across the United States and Canada including an appearance on The Today Show on Friday, September 25.

The release of Fashionably Late caps off a busy summer for Honor Society as they joined the Jonas Brothers on their World Tour 2009 performing to nearly 1 million fans throughout North America...

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