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Soul Train the Movie

Warner Bros. has commissioned Malcolm Spellman to write a feature based on the classic TV Dance show ‘Soul Train’. The film will be set in the 1980s and Don Cornelius, the host and producer of the original show that spanned 35 years, will also serve as one of the producers of the film. Spellman said “All of the hip-hop street dances you see today were born during that time period and were first seen on that show, and I remember doing all of them when I was a kid.” He also talked about being able to work with Don, saying “Writing with Don involved is quite an experience. He’s still the godfather of cool.”

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    Juelz Santana Arrested

    This afternoon, Juelz Santana was arrested at his Teaneck, NJ, home on domestic charges. The rapper allegedly threatened to kill his wife, who then promptly called the police.
    She was not harmed, though she told police that the threat was made in front of their child.
    Juelz has collaborated with Sean Kingston, Cam’ron and (surprise, surprise) Chris Brown.
    Violence, even verbal threats of violence, should never be tolerated. He should be ashamed!

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    MIA Hates Tenacious D

    MIA is pissed. The singer is scheduled to perform at the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, taking place in San Francisco on August 30th. However, she only booked the show because she thought the Beastie Boys would be performing too. The Beasties have cancelled all tour dates due to MCA’s cancer recovery so Jack Black and Kyle Gass stepped up to the plate, taking the Beasties’ place at the festival with a Tenacious D performance. Needless to say, MIA is not happy with the line up change...

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    Jay-Z’s Bodyguard Gets Charged

    Jay-Z’s bodyguard was charged with a crime for last weekend’s tripod-tossing fight with a local TV reporter in Croatia. Law enforcement sources say that the rapper’s bodyguard has been charged with destroying personal property and assault, based on a complaint filed by the reporter who got into a scuffle with Jay and Beyonce’s entourage that night. Video of the incident actually surfaced on the internet showing the whole confrontation, including the part where the reporter throws his camera sticks at Jay-Z’s bodyguard and the bodyguard threw the tripod into the sea. Police are trying to track down the hired muscle for questioning regarding the incident.

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    Beyonce named Billboard’s Woman Of The Year

    Beyonce is industry bible Billboard’s woman of the year.

    The superstar will be honoured at Billboard’s annual Women In Music event. Billboard on its website states the honour is given to a female recording artist that has inspired the music business with her success, leadership and new ideas.

    Billboard in particular was awarding Beyonce’s accomplishments over the past 12 months. The magazine noted Beyonce in the past year kicked off her world tour “I Am…” in support of her third solo album I Am … Sasha Fierce. The album debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart in November. The singles If I Were A Boy, Single Ladies, Halo, Ego and Sweet Dreams have come off the album.

    Billboard editorial director Bill Werde said: “Beyonce is a multi-platinum artist and a multi-talented woman who clearly ...

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    DJ Samantha Ronson pays tribute to late singer Aaliyah

    DJ Samantha Ronson has paid tribute to singer Aaliyah on the eighth anniversary of her death.

    Aaliyah died aged 22 in a plane crash on August 25, 2001, and was best-known for her hits such as Try Again.

    Samantha, 32, posted a message on her MySpace page paying tribute to the star.

    She said: “It has been eight years since the world lost Aaliyah and still it feels like yesterday that my sister called me to tell me what she hoped was just a sick rumour.

    “I didn’t know Aaliyah well, but we shared a best friend so I was lucky to have spent some time with her – enough time to know what an amazing person she truly was.

    “People always seem to glorify those who have passed, but in her case no one is/was exaggerating. She was as humble as she was talented and sweet and funny and loved.

    “I coul...

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    Pitbull Rules Miami

    Congratulations are in order for rapper Pitbull as the Miami native was recently honored with a key to the city. The Cuban-American, whose real name is Armando Perez, is truly honored, saying “I can’t help but keep staring at it, because it’s something I’ve worked so hard for. I’m very passionate about Miami.” Miami Commissioner Thomas Regalado, who presented the key to the rapper, says “Pitbull not only lives in Miami, but he’s been traveling the country and the world sharing a positive message of Miami. So, we should honor not only the dignitaries that visit, but those individuals who make a positive impact on the city.” I never knew that drunk driving allegations and punching someone in the face during a concert were such images of positivity.

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    Lil Wayne Cancels Again

    Lil Wayne’s show at the GM Palace in Vancouver last Monday was cancelled at the last minute and also cancelled for the gig the next day. I don’t know what his reasoning is but I give him props for letting everyone know 24 hours in advance as compared to his other cancelled gigs. According to the promoter’s media release “The Lil Wayne show has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond Live Nation’s Control.” Live Nation isn’t a babysitter and they can’t be responsible for keeping him awake or curing his hangovers. The singer was supposed to perform with Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy and Drake. Ticket holders will be given refunds.

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    Drake Wants to Get Paid

    Drake seems to think that people are willing to pay for what they can already get for free online. The rapper/singer is retail releasing his previously free mix tape to the masses on September 15th. The disc will feature his hits ‘Best I Ever Had’ and ‘Successful’, as well as a new song that will serve as a transition to his full length album ‘Thank Me Later’. I don’t see the point in this at all, apart from wanting to suck some money out of people. I also think that most of his fans already have this as, until recently, they could get it for free. This is just greedy.

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    New Jay-Z Video

    There’s a new trailer that recently came out for the video of Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay-Z’s new song ‘Run This Town’. Jay-Z said “The song is about evolution and the progress. You start out as a new artist and you make your way into the game. You climb that mountain and you get to the top and you put your flag down. This is us putting our flag down. This is Roc Nation. Pledge your allegiance. You’ve got to put your flag at the top of the mountain and say we run this town.” The trio of singers and rappers will perform the song on NBC’s The Jay Leno Show on September 14. It’s also being said that they will also perform a day before the show at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

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