Daily Archives July 30, 2009

Michael Jackson’s dietician says singer desperate for sleep not drugs

The nurse and dietician Michael Jackson consulted before his death has commented on his medical condition in a new interview.

Cherilyn Lee said that it was sleep not highs, Jackson was seeking when he sought out drugs.

“Mr Jackson did not present himself as a drug addict and from January to April, I didn’t see that in him. Even when it came to the Diprivan, he was looking for something that was going to help him sleep.”

Lee said the beleaguered pop singer even asked her to sit in with him while he tried to sleep. “The night I stayed with him. He said, ‘I want you to see how I sleep, ’cause I want you to see that I don’t fall asleep. Or I fall asleep, it takes a while, but then I wake up after a couple hours.’ And that was before he started talking about the Diprivan.”

“He said, ‘Once it...

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