Daily Archives July 17, 2009

Motown memorial and burial for fans’ tributes planned

The tributes of Michael Jackson fans will be buried in the heart of Motown in a unique memorial to the pop star.

Flowers, letters, cards, photos, stuffed animals and other items placed outside Motown Museum will be given an official burial ceremony at a Detroit cemetery.

Spokeswoman for the museum, Sharon Banks, said, “the memorial is being dismantled today and will be taken at 10 am Friday by two hearses donated by James H. Cole Home for Funerals to Woodlawn Cemetery.”

The service will include a brief remembrance and a prayer for the tribute items. Banks said can attend the service at Woodlawn which has donated two burial plots. There would be no processional from the museum to the site, she said.

The museum is the former Motown Records studio which signed Jackson when he was fronting th...

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