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Willow Smith does a star turn – as her dad

Will Smith couldn’t have said it better himself. The Hollywood action star’s eight-year-old daughter Willow, a budding actress, has shown an early talent for mimicking her dear old dad.

She revealed the skill when talking about the advice Will gave her as she started out on her latest acting foray, a role for television.

“He’s giving me advice like ‘Willow, stay in the moment! You have this, you got it down. Just stay in the moment. OK, now go out there and kill it,’” she said in an interview, taking off her father’s voice.

Willow is set to play a younger version of True Jackson in True Jackson VP, a television story about a teen fashion entrepreneur. Keke Palmer will play the part of an older True.

“I like TV because they laugh and then I laugh and then I do it again...

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Michelle Obama ‘more excited’ by Harry Potter film set than meeting the Queen

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has revealed American First Lady Michelle Obama said coming to the set of the film was "more exciting" than meeting the Queen.

Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia visited the set of the final film – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which the cast are currently shooting.

Watson, 19, told BBC Radio One: "Michelle Obama came to set recently with her children, which was amazing. Harry Potter is so universally adored but the day I really realised that was when she came to set.

"She said it was more exciting than meeting the Queen, which is insane! The children were obviously big fans, they were really inquisitive and asked loads of questions."

Watson, who stars as brainy witch Hermione Granger, recently had to film a kissing scene with co-star Rupert Grint...

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