Daily Archives June 10, 2009

Leona Lewis’ new trek-tour

The singer has recently revealed her ambitious plans of touring for a staggering two years. She said: “I’ll be touring in 2010 and through to the year after. I just can’t wait.” Leona Lewis also mentioned a little something about her upcoming album which she will be promoting during this epic crusade she has planned: “I’ve recorded about 20 songs so far. I’d say it was about halfway there. I’ve been flying back and forth to Los Angeles to record it. The music has a different feel this time. It’s more of a live, heavier sound with a lot of real instruments. It’s something I’ll be able to perform live.” Such a pleasant thought that Leona Lewis’ songs will feature real instruments this time, as opposed to the ghosts playing violins and whatnot she had up until now.

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Katy Perry Fires Back at Beth Ditto

The Gossip lead singer Beth Ditto recently slammed Katy Perry for supposedly faking lesbianism in her songs and that she found her songs “offensive to gay culture”. The ‘I Kissed a Girl’ singer didn’t take that too kindly and now she’s speaking out. Katy took the high road though and opted to attempt to put Beth in her place instead of firing harsh words. Katy said “I heard that she said something about me. I don’t want to get into a slanging war with anybody, so I don’t want to say anything bad about her. But I’m not impressed. I’ve learned in the past year that one artist should never insult another artist’s music — it’s tacky. And with me, it always comes back to bite me on the arse!”

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