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Tone Loc released from hospital

The rapper was released from the hospital last Friday following a collapse he had during an outdoor concert in Florida. It seems that Tone Loc collapsed due to overheating, but flight delays were also invoked as being one of the reasons of his collapse by his manager. Right, Tone Loc is probably going to sue some airline company for that one… and maybe even do a little skit on global warming for the sake of the world’s impending doom… and a little more publicity. But still, you have to notice how this global warming thing is starting to become a sort of filtering system for all of the creatures under the sky. I wonder how heat-resistant most rappers generally are?

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Eminem’s MTV Movie Awards experience

The rapper had a nasty experience at the MTV Movie Awards last night when Sacha Baron Cohen descended from the roof of the Gibson Amphiteatre, dressed as his gay alter-ego Bruno, and grabbed Eminem’s head with his legs and said “Is the real Slim Shady about to stand up?” The rapper was supposedly very upset by the whole thing and stormed out of the ceremony. It seems that the real Slim Shady did stand up. Eminem is back to his old, obnoxious self! A bottle of champagne is required under such circumstances. No more hippy logic, no more anti-gun statements, now it’s on!

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Chris Brown’s Victim is Dumb

The photographer who is suing Chris Brown for assault, Robert Rosen, talked to paparazzi outside the place of his supposed attack, LA Fitness. In what may be one of the dumbest moves of an alleged victim, Robert actually talked highly of the R&B singer saying “Chris is a good guy … it’s no big deal.” The photographer even accepted full responsibility for his broken leg and even praised Chris’ bodyguards for doing their job. So why the lawsuit then? If you’re dumb enough to file a frivolous lawsuit, the least you can do is shut up about it. Chris may end up getting off on this issue.

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Tyrese Gibson Plays on the National Anthem

Tyrese Gibson left the rock that he was hanging out under to sing the National Anthem for the Los Angeles Lakers game last Wednesday. He probably thought it would get him some positive media coverage. Unfortunately for him, he screwed that chance up himself. The actor and sometimes singer decided to play word-play with the beloved pre-game staple and fans were not very happy about it. Instead of singing “our flag was still there,” Tyrese sang “our Lakers were still there.” Whether they were Lakers fans or not, the change caused the audience to boo him through the rest of his performance.

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Celebrities including Kelly Rowland and Eddie Izzard have teamed up to fight against racism by performing at a recent festival

Celebrities including Kelly Rowland and Eddie Izzard have teamed up to fight against racism by performing at a recent festival.

The Love Music Hate Racism festival in Stoke City, UK, also saw singers Pete Doherty and Beverly Knight perform.

The singers were protesting against the BNP party and urging people not to vote for them in the upcoming elections.

Izzard introduced a film of the Hope Not Hate Bus’s 15-day tour covering 1,000 miles.

He said: “Just 65 years ago, our grandfathers and grandmothers fought a world war against fascism. Well, this is our generation’s fight against fascists.”

He added: “Tell everyone you know to vote against the racists in the European elections on June 4.”

Izzard was talking about the BNP party, who reportedly call Stoke the “jewel in the crown”.

US singer...

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