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Rapper exes on new reality show

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, T.I.’s fiancée, and Antonia “Toya” Carter, Lil Wayne’s former wife, will be joining forces for a new reality show on Black Entertainment Television called “Tiny & Toya”. Toya said the following about the upcoming show: “We’re trying to create our own identity. We’re letting people know what we’re really all about. We’re trying to get our businesses up and running and just having fun — the way we live life for ourselves.” Yes, and what better place to find yourself than on public television, right? I’m sure Toya and Tiny will find this to be a most revelating experience at the end of which they will both feel like renewed human beings… or at least that’s what they are most likely going to say.

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Quincy Jones Reacts to Michael Jackson’s Death

Quincy Jones, the producer of Michael Jackson’s legendary ‘Thriller’ album has released a statement regarding the death of the pop singer. Quincy said “I am absolutely devastated at this tragic and unexpected news. For Michael to be taken away from us so suddenly at such a young age, I just don’t have the words. Divinity brought our souls together on The Wiz and allowed us to do what we were able to throughout the 80′s. To this day, the music we created together on “Off The Wall,” “Thriller” and “Bad” is played in every corner of the world and the reason for that is because he had it all…talent, grace, professionalism and dedication. He was the consummate entertainer and his contributions and legacy will be felt upon the world forever...

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Kanye West will be happy the weather forecast is sun for the UK’s Wireless Festival, his protege Mr Hudson has revealed

Kanye West will be happy the weather forecast is sun for the UK’s Wireless Festival, his protege Mr Hudson has revealed.

The rapper’s British protege Mr Hudson, 28, said that Kanye, 32, is not a fan of the rain.

He said: “I’m so pleased that it’s looking to be a warm sunny day as Kanye can’t cope with rain. If it drizzles he would be calling it a thunderstorm and be like: ‘Man it’s so cold.’ It’s quite funny.”

The star, whose real name is Ben Hudson, joined Kanye for a bike trip around Amsterdam recently.

He added: “I rode in front while Kanye rode behind rapping and thinking up new ideas. It started to drizzle and he just kept moaning: ‘Hudson, it’s so wet and cold.’

“He ended up being distracted by expensive designer shops we rode past so he insisted we gave up and went in there instead...

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Full winners list of 2009 BET Awards

Full winners list of 2009 BET AwardsFull winners list of 2009 BET Awards:

* Video of the Year: Beyonce Knowles – “Single Ladies ”
* Best Male R&B Artist: Ne-Yo
* Best Female R&B Artist: Beyonce Knowles
* Best Male Hip-Hop Artist: Lil Wayne
* Best Female Hip-Hop Artist: M.I.A.
* Best Group: DAY26
* Best New Artist: Keri Hilson
* Viewer’s Choice: T.I. feat. Rihanna – “Live Your Life”
* Best Collaboration: Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain – “Blame It”
* Video Director of the Year: Benny Boom
* Centric Award: Jazmine Sullivan
* Best Gospel Artist: Mary Mary
* Best Actor: Will Smith
* Best Actress: Taraji P. Henson
* Best Male Athlete: LeBron James
* Best Female Athlete: Serena Williams
* Humanitarian Award: Alicia Keys and Wyclef Jean

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Janet Jackson joined the stars of hip-hop, R ‘n’ B and soul in paying emotional tributes to the King Of Pop

Janet Jackson joined the stars of hip-hop, RnB and soul in paying emotional tributes to the King Of Pop at the BET Awards in Los Angeles last night.

In her first public appearance since her brother’s death, Janet thanked fans around the world for their outpouring of support.

The Black Entertainment Television Awards show held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles was completely overhauled and turned into a tribute to the King Of Pop in just three days.

Janet said: “My entire family wanted to be here tonight but it was just to painful. So they elected me to speak to you.

“To you, Michael is an icon. To us, Michael is family. He will forever live in all of our hearts.”

“On behalf of my family and myself, thank you for all of your love, thank you for all of your support...

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Ciara Covers Rap-Up

Sexy singer Ciara is featured on the cover of Rap-Up magazine’s Summer 2009 issue. The 23-year old R&B star discusses the comparisons with Beyonce, rumors of dating 50 Cent and her tour mate Britney Spears. When it comes to being compared with Beyonce, she said “I know what work I put in to what I do and I know where I get my inspiration from and it’s definitely not the references that they put up on the Internet. People live for it. Negative energy travels faster than positive energy. Whoever it was, for them to dig deep down and find all those references, that’s ridiculous.” When asked about Britney, Ciara said “Everything about Britney makes you like her. I feel like she’s a star. She’s got that energy that’s just magnetic. She just glows...

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Another Idol Becomes a Dreamgirl

One day you could be a nobody. The next day you could be on American Idol. And then all of a sudden, you find yourself starring in ‘Dreamgirls’. Unfortunately, I’m not talking about Jennifer Hudson. I’m actually talking about Syesha Mercado. Sources are saying that the season seven Idol alum has been cast in the upcoming international tour of ‘Dreamgirls’ the play, landing the role of Deena Jones, which was played by Beyonce in the movie. Could ‘Dreamgirls’ prove to be the big break that another American Idol has been looking for? If it worked for Jennifer, there’s no saying that it wouldn’t work for Syesha.

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Glee Snags Eve

The most anticipated series of the fall just landed itself a diva for a story arc, though it wasn’t the exact diva everyone was hoping for. The producers of the new Fox show ‘Glee’ were looking to fill the role of a no-nonsense girls’ choir director from a rival school. The first choice was none other than the highly awaited comeback queen Whitney Houston. However, the singer turned it down due to her schedule. Next in line to fill the spot was R&B singer/rapper Eve. It should prove to be a good move for her as the show has already snagged a slew of other names to guest star including Kristin Chenoweth and Josh Groban.

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Chris Brown Cops a Plea

Chris Brown is nothing but an epic coward as a plea bargain has been accepted in the assault case against the douche bag of a singer. The plea deal will require him to spend 180 days in a labor domestic violence program and get five years probation for felony assault. If he violates the probation in any way, he’ll get four years in prison. Rihanna appeared in court but did not have to testify as the plea deal was already made. The judge also asked her if she wanted to have a restraining order in place but she opted not to. Both the court and Rihanna are too lenient.

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Tru Life on trial

It seems that yet another rapper has brought honor to his kind by getting involved in a violent crime and ending up for trial. It seems that Tru Life and with his younger brother were involved in the lethal stabbing of a man in New York. Tru Life pleaded not guilty and is currently being held without bail. His brother surrender a day after. The rapper’s lawyer of course claims his client is innocent and will no doubt do everything in his power to prove it. So it seems that the saga of the rappers continues and Tru Life is doing his best to write his own verse in the monumental epic.

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