Daily Archives January 29, 2009

50 Cents says ‘Nas’ career is over

According to the always arrogant rapper 50 Cents his rival ‘Nas’ is no longer a chart competitor and feels that the veteran singer’s career is all but over. He feels that ‘Nas’ is no longer a threat and if he is to be believed then his rivals’ career is “finished”.

Speaking to the XXL magazine he says, “Nas is cold as ice. Nas is the block of ice that sunk the Titanic… I didn’t even hear his record. I didn’t even hear what you talking about… I really don’t want to talk about Nas. I think he’s at one of those points to where his career’s finished, to be honest.”

I think 50 Cents is starting to feel the heat from other singers and therefore he is trying to target some of his lower radar rivals in a bid to make his presence felt...

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