50 Cent’s reality TV show shelved by MTV

Rapper 50 Cent’s own reality TV show hosted by MTV called 50 Cent: The Money And The Power has been shelved by MTV after continuously receiving poor ratings.

This show is about rapper 50 Cents attempt to find the next hip-hop mogul from a group of fourteen wannabes, where the winner would be given prize money of $100,000. The sum will feature as an investment from 50 Cent and he will help the winner of the show to start their own business venture.

But from the time it debuted on TV on November 6th, 2008 the show completely failed to kick off and viewers weren’t forthcoming either and almost after one & half months after going on air the network has now decided to scrap the flailing show.

Yeah I somewhat agree with this, I too tried to get into it, mainly because it was aired on my B’Day, but it really didn’t stick. 50 did not leave anything to the others’ and as usual played the show as if he was some kinda mafia boss. 50, you’re not the really tough guy; you’re a snitch and poor dumb yoyo. You are a follower..didnt mommy teach you to be a leader?


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