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Pink’s highly anticipated Funhouse has arrived

P!nk’s highly anticipated Funhouse has arrived, featuring the #1 single “So What” plus more new songs like “Sober” and the incredible ballad “I Don’t Believe You.” Pick up a copy at your local record shop or get it right now at your favorite digital music store like iTunes or Amazon. The iTunes Deluxe version includes 2 extra brand new tracks, the “So What” video as well as the digital booklet – containing all new photos of P!nk.

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New Guns N’ Roses song

One of the most highly anticipated albums in rock history, the long-awaited Chinese Democracy (Black Frog/Geffen Records) will be available globally on November 23 on CD and vinyl (accompanied by a free digital download of the tracks), and as a separate digital album.

Produced by Axl Rose and Caram Costanzo, Chinese Democracy includes 14 tracks. The title track and first single from the album, “Chinese Democracy”, was released to radio at 5:00AM eastern time today. Two of the recordings have been recently released–“Shackler’s Revenge” debuted September 14 in the “Rock Band 2” videogame and “If The World” debuted October 11 in the film Body Of Lies.

“The release of Chinese Democracy marks a historic moment in rock ‘n’ roll,” said Irving Azoff and Andy Gould, Guns N’...

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Birdman Gets Sued

Fool a concert promoter once, shame on you. Allegedly fool a concert promoter thrice, you’re getting sued. The guy who runs Cash Money records, Birdman, is being sued for allegedly taking $275,000 to put on a Lil Wayne concert in Miami and then backing out of the deal several times over. Since there’s still no concert, the promoter wants his money back. The best part of the suit though is that Birdman is accused of backing out of one of the shows because the weather was supposedly too cold. Do consider that this was in Miami. It never gets cold in Miami unless there’s a hurricane.

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No London Appearances for Jay-Z

The next time any of you start saying a little prayer, would you mind saying one for Jay-Z too? The times have really gotten hard over in London and the rap mogul can’t find any clubs that are willing to pay his host fee of $45,000. The London Paper says that Jay has already lowered his fee to $15,000 but there are still no takers. It really is a hard knock life. And yet they still pay for Amy Winehouse to appear for them even though it’s pretty much a lost cause. If they had saved whatever they paid her then maybe Jay would have gotten some gigs.

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    DJ AM’s Comeback

    Plane crash survivor DJ AM is coming back huge! I think he may even trump Britney Spears! The celebrity DJ has just been announced to be appearing on tour with Jay-Z. AM even joined the rap mogul recently at the Hollywood Palladium for their first appearance together. It served as his first public performance since last month’s tragic plane crash. The DJ said “He’s the greatest rapper in the world. This is the biggest thing that’s happened in my career.” Rock the tunes hard AM! We believe in you! But don’t forget to take care of yourself while you’re on the road.

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    Ne-Yo and Marilyn Manson

    Talk about the odd couple. Music maestro Ne-Yo has revealed some interesting stuff at the LA premiere of the movie ‘The Secret Life of Bess’ recently. The music man is apparently set to work with rocker Marilyn Manson. Ne-Yo said of the collaboration that “It’s going to be interesting. I have no idea what we’re going to do, what it’s going to sound like. Just Ne-Yo and Marilyn Manson in the same room—we’re going to figure something out.” For some reason, imagining those two in the same room together made the words ebony and ivory pop up in my head, even milk and coffee. I can’t wait to hear what they come up with though.

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    Battle of the Queens – Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin

    Whether Beyonce meant to do it or not, she initiated an epic battle of the divas by dubbing Tina Turner as the queen during the Grammy Awards in February which set Aretha Franklin into an indignant frenzy. Aretha called Beyonce’s comment a “cheap shot at controversy.” Tina remained silent at the time but USA Today got a response recently where she said “She’s the queen of soul, and I’m the queen of rock ‘n’ roll. There were so many kings and queens there that night. Her ego must be so big to think she was the only one. That’s how queens are!” Aretha was quick to retaliate proving that today’s celebrity feuds don’t have anything on the certified divas. Aretha said “I never figured her to resort to tacky press just to sell a few tickets...

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    Lil Kim Gets Sued

    Lil Kim must be so sick of having to pay for lawyers. The female rapper has once again been sued, this time for $2.5 million for not delivering on a contract. The suit was filed by a recording company called Brookland Media recently. The suit claims that the company struck a deal with Lil Kim this year and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on recordings, equipment and advance payments when the rapper and her people tried to change the contract and refused to continue recording unless Brookland agreed. Brookland wants the court to declare the contract valid and bar Lil Kim from recording for another company.

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    Rihanna’s New Sound

    The international superstar that is Rihanna is gearing up to extend her reign as queen of the charts by releasing her fourth album in 2009. Though she says the album is going in a more techno rock direction, it will have a couple of eclectic tracks. One of the three that she is writing completely on her own is going to be more punk rock. Of course, it’s going to be process through a pop lens. Just think of ‘Disturbia’ and not ‘Hate That I Love You’. Overall, Rihanna wants her next album to be edgier than ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’. It is also being said that she is in the process of synthesizing a new hotter look for herself.

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    Lil Wayne is Rich

    While most people are getting more and more desperate with the fall of economy, Lil Wayne has ice sculptures with money in them. To celebrate the Lil Wayne’s 26th birthday, rapper Birdman threw him a huge party in Miami hotspot Mansion nightclub. They really went all out for the event. There was a large Cash Money Records ice sculpture in the room which held 30 bottles of Cristal. Other ice sculptures had $100 bills frozen inside. Lil Wayne also got one heck of a gift from Birdman – a Luis Vuitton briefcase which was filled with a million dollars in cash. I hope they both have good accountants. I wonder if anyone stayed around and waited for the sculptures to melt.

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