Israel is waiting for Beatles to rock


How long one can take to improve one’s “an insufficient artistic level”? Well! Beatles have worked hard to improve from their insufficient artistic level to a reasonably acceptable level in a mere 43 years.
The Beatles planned to play in Israel at a concert in 1965 but the concert was cancelled because it was believed that the band had “an insufficient artistic level”.
Afterwards Israel expressed her embarrassment about the cancellation of the concert and tried to improve the situation. A letter was sent to the band from the Israel Embassy in London, last January, asking forgiveness for the “missed opportunity” to have the band that “shaped the minds of a generation, to come to Israel and perform before the young generation in Israel who admired you and continues to admire you.” The band was asked to consider their tour again.
McCartney has recently agreed to perform and has been booked for a huge outdoor concert in Tel Aviv on 25th September 2008.

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