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Metallica just released the second single off their upcoming album, Death Magnetic

Metallica just released the second single off their upcoming album, Death Magnetic. Entitled “My Apocalypse,” the track is now available for download on iTunes. Metallica fans should check out check out iTunes where you can also purchase the riveting track “The Day That Never Comes”

Additionally, the band have recently unveiled a new widget that the band will frequently updated with news, a trailer for their fan site, and other Death Magnetic related material. The widget can be embedded onto most social networking sites and blog applications.

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New Video From Plain White T’s

The guys in Plain White T’s have learned a bit about life since “Hey There Delilah” and that’s no more evident than in the new video for the infectious single, “Natural Disaster”. No longer is the band wallowing after long gone college sweethearts; this time they’re the ones with the upper hand as they swagger into the club and can have their pick of any girl who crosses their path. Is Delilah is the one who’s jealous now?

Watch the video for “Natural Disaster” here, and the new album Big Bad World is in stores September!

“Natural Disaster” YouTube link:
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Metallica to do Good



Metallica’s first album in over five years ‘Death Magnetic’ is projected to do fairly well. The record is actually on track to take the number one spot on the US album charts. According to preliminary estimates, their new album will make it big by having sold 450,000 to 500,000 copies last week even though the album was only on sale for 3 days. Something that might be helping the band is the fact that some stores are bundling the album with Guitar Hero or some Metallica headphones. Ticketmaster is also offering ticket/album deal for buyers. It’s a great deal but I don’t think that it’s enough to put them back in the spotlight.

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Kanye on Lockdown


Kanye West debuted the song ‘Love Lockdown’ at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards and has recently dropped the studio version of the song. The rapper is reportedly releasing another album before the end of the year. I’m not sure if the song is going to be a single or not but it’s going to be interesting to see how radio is going to respond to his song. It’s a great song but it’s an artist’s song – a prestige piece. It’s a risky move but you have to give kudos to Kanye for having balls. He has the whole world listening and this is the message he wants people to listen to.

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Ciara VS Vibe


Ciara is taking the one two steps to have Vibe magazine meet her in court because, according to her, t he shady publication airbrushed all the clothes off of her in a recent cover photo. The R&B/hip hop singer appears to be naked on the cover of the magazine’s October issue but sources are saying that she did not pose due and that she’s suing Vibe for making it as such. If Ciara’s claims are true, Vibe should really be ashamed. They’re really stupid if they think that the singer or her management isn’t going to notice the big difference especially if Ciara never agreed to posing nude in the first place.

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MC Breed Off Life Support


Old school rapper MC Breed has been taken off life support after being admitted to the hospital last week due to kidney failure. But before you go off arranging for any flowers to send to his family as condolences, he was taken off support for good reasons. The rapper, who’s been able to work with 2Pac and Too Short, collapsed while he was playing basketball in Atlanta. It’s being said that his kidneys are only 30% functional and that he’s likely to need a transplant. MC is still in the hospital where he’s recovering and will stay there for at least another week under observation. Let’s hope he gets better soon.

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Rihanna’s VMAs Get Disturbed


Rihanna performed ‘Disturbia’ at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards which were held at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles last weekend. English comedian Russell Brand hosted the event with Britney Spears opening up the show. Rihanna was one of the people who stood up to give Britney a standing ovation during the opening. If you remember last year’s VMAs, Rihanna was seen laughing at the recovering starlet over her disaster of a performance. Honestly, I think Rihanna got robbed out of some of the awards that Britney got. But maybe they gave it to her for all her efforts to get better. Plus, it’s a great way of rebuilding a relationship with Britney. Rihanna didn’t seem to mind anyway.

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Lil Mama at Fahion Rocks


Lil Mama channelled her inner Abraham Lincoln when she walked the red carpet at the Conde Nast Media Group’s 2008 Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall in New York City last week. I wonder if she put her outfit up for sale at the online charity auction that Fashion Rocks set up to benefit Stand Up To Cancer. I’m sure that it’s going to raise a lot of money for cancer research especially if there are a lot of people looking for really ridiculous Halloween costumes. It’s never too early to start looking for options. If it’s not for sale, I guess she’s keeping it for her own use.

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Three 6 Mafia Brawl


A wild fight broke out at a Three 6 Mafia concert last week in West Hollywood. Two people were arrested and a woman was wheeled out on a gurney. The fight reportedly broke out after the rappers finished their set at the House of Blues. The LA County Sheriffs deputies swarmed the joint and made sure that every corner was covered. The woman who was wheeled out wasn’t part of the fight but she broke her leg after being trampled after the commotion caused mass hysteria. This is where all those fire drills came in with the whole proceed calmly to the exits thing.

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Kanye West Closes VMAs


It’s a little bit sad and greatly hypocritical that some people just forget their words and let go of their pride. If you remember, Kanye West was rather upset and insulted at last year’s MTV VMAs because he didn’t win the number of awards he thought he deserved. He was also annoyed that his performance was limited to a small stage. He vowed to never return to another VMA after that. Apparently, his word is only as good as the money they can throw at him as Kanye was at the 25th VMAs this past Sunday. Talk about being a sellout.

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