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Jermaine Dupri is a Stiff


Jermaine Dupri is getting some heat in his hometown of Atlanta as his restaurant, Cafe Dupri, has gone broke and former employees are saying that they were not paid. Checks issued to them by his business people bounced too. It’s also being said that the restaurant shut its doors and left its employees jobless without any prior notice. Jermaine’s mom managed the cafe on his behalf and when she was asked about the closing, she lashed out and said a business is only as good as its employees and if the employees who were complaining worked harder, the restaurant might have done better. If you ask me, someone sounds a little too defensive.

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Dave Matthews Band Mate Dies


LeRoi Moore, the sax player in the Dave Matthews Band, has died at the age of 46. Moore was seriously injured in an ATV accident back in June 30 outside Charlottesville. He had a punctured lung and broken ribs. Moore went back into the hospital last month due to complications and died in Los Angeles after taking a turn for the worse. The band recently gave a statement on his death saying “LeRoi Moore, saxophonist and founding member of Dave Matthews Band, died unexpectedly Tuesday afternoon, August 19, 2008, at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles from sudden complications stemming from his June ATV accident on his farm near Charlottesville, Virginia. Moore had recently returned to his Los Angeles home to begin an intensive physical rehabilitation program.”

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Lennon Killer is Ashamed


Parole officials released the transcripts of John Lennon’s killer Mark David Chapman’s latest hearing last week. The assassin reportedly told officials during his latest unsuccessful bid for release that he was ashamed and sorry for killing the former Beatle and that he has come to realize the gravity of what he did over the years. He says “I recognized that that 25-year-old man, I don’t think he really appreciated the life that he was taking, that this was a human being. I feel now at 53 I have grown into a deeper understanding of what a human life is. I have changed a lot.” Chapman has been in prison for nearly 28 years. He was sentenced to 20 years to life after pleading guilty to the murder. The denial of his parole means that he has to stay in jail for at least 2 more years...

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Yung Joc Disses Lil Joc


Rappers are known for living the baller lifestyle but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cheapskates. Yung Joc reportedly can’t pay up $2,000 to support his 7-year old son. The rapper’s baby mama, Fatimah Jester, says that Yung owes her the two grand and is suing the rapper to have him pay. She tells WSB-TV that he has all kinds of cars which include Bentleys, Benzes and Rovers but he still hasn’t provided anything for his boy. A judge will hear the case on September 11. If that isn’t enough trouble for the rapper, he is also facing weapons charges. What is it with rappers and weapons charges? Everyone seems to have one.

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P Miller Gets into TV


P Miller just recently revealed himself to the world but he’s wasting no time getting down to business. In 2009, he will be launching a family-friendly cable network called Better Black Television. According to a company statement, the network will provide “positive content for a black and brown culture”. BBTV will have all sorts of entertainment like scripted and unscripted programming, news, drama and comedy series, movies, animation, sports and entertainment news, children’s educational and teen programming and even “responsible hip hop music and videos”. Apart from P Miller being on board, BBTV advisory board members include Oscar winner Denzel Washington.

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Hip Hopping Rich


Hip hop is one rich industry. According to Forbes, in the last year alone, Jay-Z released a platinum album and signed a $150 million deal with Live Nation for a 10-year contract. But that pales in comparison to 50 Cent who, after taxes, took in over $100 million when his stake in the high-calorie Vitamin Water was bought by Coca-Cola. In total, 50 raked in over $150 million in just 12 months – double what Jay-Z made last year. So 50 comes in first on the list of richest hip hop artists for 2008. Jay-Z comes in second. Diddy comes in third for the second year in a row after raking in $35 million from all his revenue streams. Kanye West came in fourth with $30 million.

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Kanye’s Restaurant Empire


In a move that is so unlike Kanye West, the rapper is reportedly going to add a line of Fatburger restaurants to his growing empire. According to MTV, the stylish artist is going to be opening 10 branches in his hometown of Chicago. Maybe there’s a lot of money to be made in the burger business. Or maybe it’s just one of his lame attempts at trying to keep it real. Why did he have to choose Fatburger though? In N Out is a far more superior chain. I would even accept it more if it was White Castle instead.

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Lil Wayne’s Unpaid Bling


Lil Wayne is turning out to be a cheapskate. Last week, the rapper was ordered by a Miami judge to pay New Orleans jeweller Jack Sutton $146,000. Lil Wayne reportedly purchased a $138,000 diamond ring and $32,000 gold and diamond necklace from the jeweller back in October 2006. The deal was done by phone with the rapper promising to make monthly payments. Lil Wayne sent one $24,000 installment which prompted Sutton to send him the jewellery but then the rapper stopped paying. A source says that Lil Wayne may return the $138,000 ring rather than pay the cash. If you don’t have the cash, don’t buy the bling.

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Sean Paul Gets Busted


Singer Sean Paul has been arrested on drug charges at a reggae concert in Sweden last week. Swedish cops say that the singer was brought from the huge Uppsala Reggae Festival to a local police station on suspicion of possessing narcotics. It’s being said that 200-300 people were also brought in from the fest on drug related charges. In addition to concertgoers, police say 10 artists performing at the show were also hauled in for questioning. Cops say that they have sent all evidence to a lab for testing and will have results in a month. I can’t wait to find out just who got high.

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Yung Berg Does it Like His Boss


Considering who he has for a boss, should we even be surprised that Yung Berg has been arrested? The rapper who was signed on to DMX’s label was busted last week in New York City after police investigated a complaint by a limo driver. Sources say a limo driver reported a dispute with five passengers, and when police investigated the complaint, they busted Berg and his buddies on a bundle of charges. The rapper whose real name is Christian Ward was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of marijuana and menacing. DMX must be so proud of him.

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