Chris Brown’s Reality


Don’t be surprised if I tell you that another reality TV show is in the works. Chris Brown is teaming up with ‘Survivor’ producer Mark Burnett to make a new dance competition series with an emphasis on hip hop/street dance. The R&B sensation will pit contestants against one another in impromptu dance-offs in the as yet untitled project with Chris choosing the winner of each round. Chris commented on the show saying “Dancing is more than just a way of moving, it’s a different expression of music. That’s what I want to focus on with this show.” Burnett also commented on why he chose Chris for the show saying “Chris Brown really is a superstar, and someone who lives and breathes music and dance — so his credibility is massive in this arena. It’s his show; he’s headlining it. He’s the final arbiter on those who win and those who don’t.”

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