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Ne-Yo slams RnB


Ne-Yo has slammed RnB performers saying the genre has become “boring”. The Closer singer, real name Shaffer Chimere Smith claims today’s artists are too alike.

He told MTV: “RnB today is nowhere near where it used to be back in the day. Everyone’s on this copycat thing right now where all the music is beginning to sound alike and I don’t dig it.”

Ne-Yo also blames the use of the same producers making everyone sound the same.

He adds: “If you go to Timbaland for a song, then he is going to give you a Timbaland beat… No disrespect to Timbaland but if everyone eats at the same place then in a minute it’s going to get boring.”

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Foxy Trades Albums


Even though Foxy Brown was once seen everywhere and anywhere pimping out her new album, the formerly incarcerated rapper now thinks that it was a very bad call. Foxy told that “This was probably the most illogical business decision I’ve ever made in my entire career … Completely ignoring my intuition.” Foxy has been in a public feud with her former manager ‘Slim’ Williams, who was responsible for putting ‘Brooklyn’s Don Diva’ together while Foxy was still in jail. Foxy has since publicly renounced the album and is now working on a new album which she is calling ‘Black Roses’.

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Ashanti on Maxim


R&B singer Ashanti is featured in the June 2008 issue of Maxim. The singer is sexily promoting her new album ‘The Declaration’ which will drop in stores on June 3. Ashanti talks about the album in her interview saying “I’m declaring that I’m here. The album is a new sound for me. I found out so much about myself working with new people. Everything had kind of been in-house for me, so I was used to having a security blanket—like Linus from Peanuts with his blue blanket. I’m declaring that it’s been four years and a lot of people had questions, but I’m here, baby.”

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Janet Jackson writes book


Janet Jackson is writing a book about her weight struggles.

The singer is planning to document her constant battle with self-esteem issues, and discuss her fluctuating waistline.

The publication, which is set to be released in November by Karen Hunter Publishing, will include lifestyle and diet tips from Janet’s nutritionist David Allen.

Meanwhile, Janet – who turned 42 last week – has also announced plans for a tour to coincide with her latest album ‘Discipline’. The run of shows, her first in seven years, will start in September and includes dates in the US and Canada.

Janet said: “I was supposed to go on tour with the last album. We were actually in full-blown tour rehearsals at that point – learning numbers, getting everything together, set designs...

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Lil Wayne’s Conspiracy Theory


Lil Wayne recently made smartass comments on doing drugs and now he’s back with his wit by talking about the end of the world in the new issue of Blender magazine. He says “The world is about to end in 2012… ’cause the Mayans made calendars, and they stop at 2012. I got encyclopedias on the bus. The world is about to end as we know it. You can see it already. A planet doesn’t exist – there’s no more Pluto. Planes are flying into buildings – and not just the Twin Towers. Mosquitoes bite you and you die. And a black man and a woman are running for president.”

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Busta Rhymes, fire


Busta killed it on this one! Blacksmith Presents the Love Thirst remix
Jean Grae feat. Busta Rhymes, fire! The official release date for the
Jeanius album is 6-17 let’s go!


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Madonna Gets Knocked Off

Madonna Gets Knocked Off

Madonna was on top of the charts last week but this week, Mariah Carey has knocked her back down. The numbers are in and the Queen of Pop’s ‘Hard Candy’ has dropped from the top spot debut to #5 in the US album charts in a mere week whereas Mariah’s ‘E=MC2’, in its 4th week of release, is I #4 this week. Madonna’s first week sales were at 280,000 and week 2 brought in 81,000 units. Mariah’s sales for week 1 alone was at 463,000. Mariah is on her second single already though so Madonna better be coming out with hers very soon if she wants to win this diva battle.

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Kid Rock Loves Boys of America


Kid Rock loves himself some strippers but there is a group of people that he loves more – Boy Scouts. Stop your dirty thoughts. Troop 631 of the Oviedo Boy Scouts in Orlando, Florida had their $5,600 trailer stolen which was filled with $4,000 worth of camping gear. Kid Rock read about what happened while he was in town for his tour and told the troop that he would cut a check to help them make their summer camping trip to Tennessee. Hopefully, he didn’t pay them in all singles or he didn’t get one of those fun house buses for them to take.

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Mariah Carey pulls Dubai concert


Mariah Carey has cancelled a concert in Dubai.

The newlywed singer was due to perform in Dubai Festival City resort next Thursday (15.05.08) but has now pulled out of the show. She last performed in the Middle East country in 2004, after a rumoured concert in 2003 failed to take place.

‘Glamorous’ singer Fergie was due to perform in the resort the following day (16.05.08) as part of the ‘Divas in Dubai’ event, but her concert has also been postponed.

A spokesperson for the event said: “Mariah and Fergie are disappointed that they won’t be able to perform. They had scheduled this one special event in their calendars and were looking forward to performing for the Dubai fans.”

A statement issued by promoters said the event was cancelled due to “the extremely compressed time frame along with...

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Dave Grohl writes to Metallica


Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl has posted an open letter urging metal overlords Metallica to make a “kick-ass” album.

Metallica are in the process of finishing off their new collection, the somewhat belated follow-up to 2003′s ‘St Anger’.

In the letter Grohl, a longtime fan of the trash metal pioneers, declares his love of the band and even admits his fondness of the disappointing ‘St Anger’ album.

He writes: “Hey, it’s Dave! Remember me? Yeah, I’m the guy that’s been listening to your band faithfully since 1983. I bought your first album ‘Kill ‘Em All’ from a mail order catalogue called Under The Rainbow, I think. Actually I can’t remember. It was 1983 for Christsakes! But that album changed my life and I’ve been listening to your albums ever since (even ‘St Anger’!).

“I can’t wait to hear t...

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