Noel Gallagher puts it Bluntly

Noel Gallagher puts it Bluntly

Noel Gallagher is flogging his Ibiza villa to get away from pop irritant James Blunt.

The rocker has put the gaff up for sale for $10 million, because it is too close to Blunt’s. Lord Noel can’t relax in his holiday Oasis knowing Blunt is just a CD’s throw away. He is also worried about bumping into the annoying-voiced Blunt out and about on the sunshine island.

A pal revealed: “Noel has been going to Ibiza every summer for years. But he wants to find a new holiday destination. He’s fed up of hearing James Blunt bang on about Ibiza like he owns the place. It’s taken the charm out of it for him so he’s put his villa up for sale. It’s very close to Blunt’s place, and he says he can’t stand the thought of Blunt writing cr*p tunes up the road.”


Noel stands to make a tidy profit on the sale. He bought the villa for $5million in 1999 from Tubular Bells creator Mike Oldfield. He even kept some of Oldfield’s specially made carpets, which had the Tubular Bells symbol woven into them.

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