Lenny Kravitz wants to duet with Beatle

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz wants to duet with Sir Paul McCartney. Well who wouldn’t?

The ‘American Woman’ singer, who owns a mixing desk from London’s Abbey Road Studios, famously used by The Beatles, wants the legendary musician to fly out to his Miami home to record a song with him.

Lenny said: “All the Beatles’ albums were recorded on that mixing desk and I got it when my first album ‘Let Love Rule’ came out in 1990, as I came into a bit of money. I’d seen a documentary in England made about it by one of the sound engineers and I knew I had to have it. It’s an incredible piece of gear. At the time I blew all of my money on it but if you offered me $10 million for it today I wouldn’t take it.

“When you see pictures of John Lennon sitting at the desk it’s just priceless. I’d love to bring Paul McCartney back to my place and make a record with him. How cool would that be?”

Kravitz’s new album ‘It’s Time For A Love Revolution’ is released next month.

Paul McCartney

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