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Slim Shady No More – Eminem


It is being reported that Eminem was rushed to the hospital over the holidays. Sources from the Detroit-area hospital say that the rapper was there to be treated for a serious heart condition and severe pneumonia. Now that he’s not bashing everyone on the planet and touring the world, Em has really let his self go and weighed in at 212 lbs.

Eminem’s publicist confirmed the news saying “Over the holidays, Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, was under doctor’s care at a Detroit-area hospital for complications due to pneumonia. He has since been released and is doing well recovering at home.”

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Pete’s gunning for trouble

Pete’s gunning for trouble

Loopy Pete Doherty has reportedly shelled out over £1000 on an arsenal that includes a Samurai sword and antique guns.

Don’t panic; he is not expected to be planning a hold-up. The Babyshambles singer seems to be simply indulging his passion for anything old. He will probably hang the weapons up on the wall of his Wiltshire home; next to the tasteful “art” pieces done in his own blood.

Junkie Pete has become quite a home boy of late – even stopping halfway through the creation of another one of his “art” pieces to call the local radio station and request Beatles song ‘I’ll be back’

He told the DJ, “I am trying to do some painting and that.”

Let’s hope the “and that” doesn’t involve his usual pharmacy of drugs…

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