Pete Doherty defends Amy Winehouse

Pete Doherty

Amy Winehouse gave one of her usual bombed-out performances at the MTV Europe Music Awards. She was even booed off the stage when she could barely say the word “Thanks” after receiving her Artists’ Choice award. However, the new drug-free Pete Doherty says that Amy is on “the straight and narrow,” Holy crap…I was going on and on about how freaking ugly she is (all the time when I see her pics on the internet and music news sites)…then I got a look at her husbands teeth! Sweet mother of Jesus! Can you imagine kissing that thing! It looks like he’s never brushed a day in his life. Bet it smell reals nice, jack! He wouldn’t be a bad looking guy though if he wasn’t so messed up on drugs and hadn’t messed up his body. Yipes; these 2 are obviously not good for each other. I bet there’s some serious mental & emotional abuse going on, in addition to the drug abuse. Hope she gets out of that situation alive.

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