Paul McCartney ‘John Lennon Wasn’t Gay’


Paul McCartney has slammed rumors his Beatles bandmate John Lennon was secretly gay. Lennon is claimed to have had affairs with men as well as women, before and during his marriages to Cynthia Lennon and Yoko Ono – but McCartney only saw him with women. Wonder why the rumors or coming so late… why should anyone care today? Would anyone care to know if he were gay or not after so many years, it’s just if he were gay then Yoko would have known and she would have gone public with the news long time ago, why would Paul have to say something like this after so many years have past. Ok that John Lennon was influential and people would like to know about his past but what difference does it make to even the gay community if he were gay. I think Paul and company should stop commenting on a person who is not there to confirm or deny the same.

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