Oasis Gives


Radiohead’s experiment of letting the fans download their new album for free has proven to be a success when their website topped the chart of music websites. Now, some of the music industry’s biggest names are following in their footsteps.

Jamiroquai and Oasis are not contracted to a record label much like Radiohead. They are also rumored to be considering on following Radiohead’s actions. Oasis has already announced that their next single will be available for download for a mere 99 pence. The Charlatans are also offering their next album for free if they visit the site of radio station XFM. Madness is considering giving away its next album for free as well.

With rapidly declining CD sales and increasing download sales but still the same wide fanbase, the performers who choose to give away their music are expected to make money from sales of concert tickets and other merchandise.

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