Daily Archives September 13, 2007

Britney Spears – Gimme More (VMA 07)

Good have a mercy!!!

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Demand For Led Zeppelin Tickets Crashes Site


Led Zeppelin’s announcement of a one-off reunion show has caused the concert’s official website to crash – as millions of fans across the world rush to register their names for the ticket ballot. This is an incredible event that I bet no-one even imagined could happen. I thought that Led Zep was History! But these guys have an uncanny knack of dong the unthinkable when you think they are done with for good and the least expected. Anyways, what a nice thing to do for a friend or loved one. That’s absolutely Cool! Well done Guys You show what compassion means by actions. And what a great action. I have some words for these sites owners too, may be they just didn’t expect such a great response from the fans but still they should have had arrangements in place for such an event...

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