Daily Archives September 2, 2007

Usher Wants Son, Plans To Name Him Usher


Father-to-be Usher is hoping his pregnant wife Tameka Foster gives birth to a boy because he’s got his heart set on a male name for the unborn child Usher. The R&B singer was born Usher Raymond and, if the unborn baby is a boy, he’s hoping to continue a family tradition by passing on his name to another generation. What if he has a girl will he still like to continue with the family tradition and call the girl Usher? Family traditions are nice to follow but only they are in tune with the times we live in. Sons are good but I am of the belief that daughters are better than sons and I would like to have a single child and a daughter only not a son. And the one thing we all should have in our hearts is that we have a healthy baby and that is the biggest blessing one can ask for.

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