Daily Archives May 6, 2007

Justin Timberlake’s country escape


Justin Timberlake is turning his back on pop to write country music. The 26-year singer wants to take some time away from spotlight to go back to his Tennessee roots and explore other music genres. In an interview he told: ”I’ve had a good share of the spotlight. I don’t feel I need too much of it right now. I want to write country music, because I grew up in Tennessee, and soul music.” The artist has also started to do something new. He is now writing songs for other artists. He said that he is tired of writing for himself and wants to concentrate on composing for others. He has already penned tunes for Macy Gray and Rihanna. About this he says: ”I feel the only way to really express all those different sides, even just for myself, is through different people...

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